How To Keep Your Tent Warm In Cold Weather

How to keep your tent warm in cold weather

Contrary to what many people think it is actually possible to camp in the autumn and winter. All you need to know is how to keep your tent warm in cold weather.

The best way to do this is to use a lightweight stove which can be transported easily. This is particularly good for family camping, but be aware, to do it in an affordable way (i.e. without buying high technology clothing and bedding for colder climates) you won’t be able to camp light.

Our stove of choice is Anevays portable log burner, the Frontier Stove, which has got itself a bit of a cult following recently with the increase in popularity of glamping.

Frontier Stove

This stove was originally designed to be sent out to disaster zones as humanitarian aid, and this influenced its design so it is lightweight and can be easily transported. It has the added bonus of being able to fold the legs under and store the flue inside when it’s not being used.

The flue is long (nearly 2.5 m high) for safety reasons. It means you and your family can sleep soundly in the knowledge that all the nasty fumes are being transported away from the tent.

The stove isn’t only for keeping toasty, it’s also for cooking and there’s a handy hot plate which allows you to cook directly onto open flame. They have also designed a water heater that wraps around the flue meaning you can fill your hot water bottle just before you go to bed. Perfect!

For those who already own a Bell tent, yurt, safari tent or chalet they can be fitted safely using a high temperature silicon collar.

But the added news is they have recently launched a new stove called The Traveller.┬áIt is hand made in Cornwall, UK, and was designed to be both functional and stylish. It’s still transportable but is a bit heavier. You can’t take it everywhere with you (unlike the Frontier) but you can take it camping.

It is a multi-fuel stove with a glass window in the front so it’s much more luxurious and cosy. Their design and colour range are more impressive too, perfect for a bit of 5 star glamping.

For more information, take a look at their range of discounted products on Amazon, which can be shipped worldwide.

Inspired Camping


Brought this along on our trip in Feb., It really did the trick! definitely not for backpacking.

Link to: Duraflame-Large-Electric-Stove-Heater-with-Screen-Front.


    What?! That’s not glamping…. it’s crazy camping… !!


I agree with Mark Beresford. It looks like a really nice pice of gear, but you can’t carry that around for backpacking.

CAV Scout

Skip the stove, save it for cooking… you’d be blown away with how much heat is generated by a simple tea-candle.

In the military we’d use these in our shelter-half tents. It would generate significant heat overnight, running out before dawn, allowing a comfortable temperature to jump out of your sleeping bag to change.

Place it in a lantern designed for tea-candles, so you don’t knock it over or if someone in the tent sleeps with flailing arms. Keep in mind, shelter-half tents are made of canvas and not nylon.

Mark Beresford

A nice bit of kit, but way to big for anything but Glamping… Saying that if you offered me one I would try and find space for it..:-)

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