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Martin Dorey’s Ultimate Campervan Experience

Martin Dorey, Author and TV presenter is offering “the ultimate campervan experience” with his bespoke weekends that involve wild camping, cooking, surfing, lobster potting, beach trekking, shipwreck hunting, campfire music, foraging walks and seaweed spas. Sitting in a bath full of hot seawater and freshly picked seaweed might not be everyone’s idea of fun but Martin insists […]

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Cool Camping Bambi Vintage Caravan small - Campervan caravan or tent?

What’s Your Choice: Campervan, Caravan or Tent?

Everyone goes camping for different reasons but it got us wondering about the pros and cons of using a campervan, caravan or tent. So we thought we’d explore the three options and ask for a few opinions from friends of Inspired Camping. Tent Using a tent is a great way of really feeling truly outside […]

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Inspired Camping Cool Camping Magazine For Happy Campers

Inspired Camping Winners!

Here at Inspired Camping we LOVE to give stuff away… just because we can!   First there was the lucky winner of the gorgeous Airstream Adventure 23 Feet… Well done Laura from California! The DVD is currently flying your way.   Then there was the interview with Martin Dorey when he gave us 5 lovely copies of […]

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Martin Dorey Camper Van Coast - Cool Camping

The Camper Van Coast: Cooking, Eating, Living The Life

We’ve already had the pleasure of talking to one of our favourite camping experts… Martin Dorey, BBC Presenter of One Man And His Camper Van. We’ve also delved into his first book The Camper Van Cookbook: Life on 4 Wheels, Cooking on 2 Rings which we consider to be one of our camping essentials. So we […]

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Leatherman Wave Fanned Inspired Camping Cool Camping

Top Camping Essentials

‘Camping’ may only be one word but it means a whole load of different things to everyone who takes part in it… and that’s particularly highlighted when you ask someone what their top camping essential is. For those who like camping in luxury then it’s probably a bottle opener or comfy seat, while for others […]

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Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalls 3 Hungry Boys Inspired Camping

What Inspires The Camping Experts?

  We asked some of our favourite writers, film makers and experts about the key moments that defined their passion for camping and what they feel is so inspiring about it. They really came through with some incredibly wise comments we’d like to share with you, with much more to come over the next few […]

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Martin Dorey Camper Van Cookbook at Inspired Camping

The Camper Van Cookbook

  We’re very excited to announce that soon we’ll be interviewing Martin Dorey, BBC Presenter of One Man And His Camper Van and Author of  The Camper Van Cookbook: Life on 4 Wheels, Cooking on 2 Rings about his new book The Camper Van Coast: Cooking, Eating, Living the Life. Not only is he a […]

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