family camping with kids

glamping camping

We love…

Hearing “Are we nearly there yet?”;
Rolling down grass banks;
Long sunny days;
The sound of waves lapping on the shore;
Sliding and jumping down sand dunes;
Swimming in freezing streams;
Running and jumping along beaches;
Foraging in the hedgerows, on beaches, in fields and through forests for free food;
Feeling totally free;
Being chased by cows across fields;
Long walks in good weather and plenty of games in bad;
Demolishing huge quantities of food but always feeling hungry;
Getting soaked to the skin in the warm summer rain;
Gorgeous sunsets;
Long summer nights and staying up really late;
Large camp fires and the smell of bonfire smoke on clothes;
Cooked marshmallows;
The night-time chorus of crickets in the hedges, frogs near water and if we’re lucky… glow worms and fireflies;
The stars being brighter than usual;
Counting shooting stars and satellites;
Festivals, friends, parties, barbecues and wine;
The night air smelling so fresh and clean; and
Being so tired we don’t even remember tumbling into bed;                   …Bliss x


Inspired Camping