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If you love smoothing the edges of roughing it then we have some fantastic news for you as luxury camping is here to stay, and Inspired Camping is getting busy pulling together heaps of glamping accessories and inspirations and ideas to help make your boutique trips the best they can be.

Our free online camping magazine gives you everything you need in an online wiki, from how to tips and explanations to unique DIY inspirations, helping you discover camping in luxury, you won’t need to go any further to get everything you need for a glamorous getaway. So far on the site we’ve covered everything you can think of about cool camping and more… including:



The Ultimate Glamping Business Guide


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glamping business plan guide from inspired coursesYou can start your own Glamping and luxury camping lifestyle business today if you want. Let us show you how with the Ultimate Glamping Business Guide offered through Inspired Courses.

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The Ultimate Glamping Business Guide at Inspired Courses

Also, jump on over to Inspired Courses where Sarah Riley provides all kinds of glamping business inspirations, free resources and news, where you can hear about the industry, products and inspirations before anyone else:

glamping business

We intend to become your ultimate luxury camping guide and wiki source of inspiration for smoothing the edges of roughing it. So whether you are a tourism business, eco tourist or simply someone who likes a bit of luxury in their vacation time, coming up are the following and much, much more:

  • Glamorous camping in the UK and beyond, treehouse holidays and other unusual vacations, cool tents, solar powered tents, glam camping, camping gadgets, glamping accessories, luxury camping and DIY glamping inspirations;
  • DIY tricks, more amazing accessories and luxe camping hacks you won’t have heard about;
  • Boutique kit, what’s in the news, top tips,  business inspirations, how to be a happy glamper;
  • Tips for brides and grooms to be who want to take part in a glamping honeymoon getaway or wedding glamping festivals;
  • and what activities you can take part in while you’re away on your family camping trip, more luxe camping inspirations;
  • how to identify great cool camping businesses for sale and how to start a campsite or tourism service,
  • camping business ideas, leisure business trends, hospitality ideas, essential plans;
  • and ultimately more easy camping inspirations than you can poke a stick at!

Believe me when I say, you won’t want to miss out on this… and the best thing of all is it’s all free.

You’re welcome!

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