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Boutique Camping With An Eco Twist

boutique camping

We’ve been having a look at some of the boutique camping accessories on the market for food and drink, specifically if you want to have a picnic while you’re out and about at the campsite. Here are three products that will really get you noticed while you’re glamping, and will keep you earth friendly at the same time. Perfect!

Solar Kettle

We really love what the maker of this product has done. He’s made something that harnesses sunlight to boil up enough water to make a cuppa while you’re out and about. Its design will certainly get you noticed at the campsite as it looks like it just dropped off the space shuttle. However, its worth noting that it takes 2 hours of sunlight to boil enough water for 2 cups of tea and can break as easily as a glass thermos, so it definitely fits in better at the boutique campsite rather than on the backpacking trail… unless you’re very careful with it.

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Planet Wise Food Wraps

If you want to use fabulously funky food wraps that can be washed and reused time and time again, then these are for you. Removing the need to ever buy a plastic bag again (yay!) these are on top of our green glamper picnic list!

boutique camping

Food Storage Systems

This food storage system cleverly doubles up as the plate, which is great for a bit of boutique picnic fun. The lid (shown here in blue) is made of flexible silicone and folds out into a plate you can use when eating, and then flatten it and use it as a lid again when you need to store any left-overs.

We also love these eco-cooler boxes shared by Glamping Girl.

Happy Glamping!

Sarah – Founder of Inspired Camping

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