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Camping Meals And Picnic Food Ideas: Banoffee Pie Recipe

camping meals

We love finding easy camping meals and picnic food ideas that are simple, fast and perfect for camping and glamping. This banoffee pie recipe is no exception as it can be made in under 10 minutes, while anywhere, with only a tiny bit of cheating.

We made it when we were at the beach, but this could easily have been the campsite, on the camping trail or even on the festival site, if music festivals are your thing. This is also perfect for glamping or boutique camping if you want to impress your friends with a yummy dessert at the campsite.

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It’s really simple and tastes just the same as a more expensive and time consuming banoffee pie you might make at home or buy from the store. That’s why this is rapidly becoming one of our top camping meals and picnic food ideas for when you fancy something a bit sweet. So here’s how we put it together.

camping meals

What you’ll need:

A packet of biscuits of your choice
(we love digestives, but others love the dark richness of Oreos)
Butter or margarine
1 tin of caramel dessert
1 chopped banana
1 can of ready whipped squirting cream
1 chocolate flake
Containers to layer up the pie
(we used drinking glasses as they were handy and the pie looked appetising in them) 

Crush enough biscuits in a bag to cover the base of as many camping glasses as you need. Use half the weight in butter of the biscuits of you have used. Melt it either in a container in the sun or over the campfire. Mix the biscuits and butter together and press into a firm layer in the base of the glasses. Open the tin of caramel dessert and add a layer on top of the biscuit layer. Add a layer of chopped banana to that. Squirt a layer of cream on top and sprinkle it with pieces of the broken flake.

This really is a delicious and impressive dessert that takes under 10 minutes to make, and even less time to eat!

Easy peasy!

Camping meals and picnic food ideas: banoffee pie recipe

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