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Solar Powered Camping Tents, Campervans And Caravans

solar powered camping tents

If you want solar powered camping tents, campervans or caravans then you need to find the solar panels that suit your mode of camping or glamping.

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The above shows how one camper has set up his solar powered camping tent system, which allows him to go off grid for longer and explore areas that have no utilities without having to go without his .

To help you understand more about what you need to do to set up your own solar powered camping tents, camper vans and caravans, we have a guest post from Danielle Easton to you figure out what you need to do to figure out your own system so it doesn’t cost the earth or stop you going camping and glamping.


Solar panels are a great idea to help save money and the environment. They can power an array of electrical equipment throughout your motorhome from the lights, TV, kettle, and electric radiator to gadgets such as laptops, electric toothbrush and shavers. All you need is a solar panel and a leisure battery.

How to calculate the solar wattage

The typical rule is to figure out the watts required to run an appliance and then multiply this figure by the hours of consumption. Once this is calculated the capacity of the solar panels can be established. This simple calculation will help with your calculations:

Power (watts) = current (amps) x voltage, watts x hours = watt hours

For a caravan

An 80 or 100 Watt solar panel is suitable to supply your caravan with its own supply of sustainable electricity. It is available in the standard black and in white to match the caravan’s exterior. The solar panels are light weight and compact.

The surface of the panel has a weather proof film and EVA resin to make is safe and suitable for outdoor use. On average this panel will create 35amp hours of power, based on seven hours of daylight. It is easy to install and is long-lasting.

For a Tent

The folding solar panel is perfect for camping holidays and festivals. This option of solar panel is compact and portable making the experience no fuss and is beneficial to the environment. They are durable and reliable and there to help with all your electrical needs when a main power supply is not present. The practical kits are ready for use with a built-in charge regulator and five metres of cable fitted with battery clips.

The panel is easy to adjust thanks to its built-in leg supports, meaning it can be positioned in the optimum area for sun exposure and power generating.

For a Campervan

The flexible solar panel is perfect for a curved roof or non-flat surface. It bends by up to 30 degrees. You can walk on them with soft sole shoes and they are easy to clean and fit. The light weight design solar panel by Biard offers maximum power without being bulky. At 2.8kg this wafer-thin panel can be screwed directly to any roof using the four pre-drilled holes in the corners of the panel. Alternatively, it can be bonded to the surface using adhesive.

Safety Requirements

The solar panels can be mounted to the caravan using SikaFlex 552. This was exclusively made for Biard solar panels. It was tried and tested in different conditions and recommended by SikaFlex to ensure the panel is safe and secure.

You can use the activator alongside Sikanex to clean it if there is any visible adhesive and sealant is available to give the panel a clean tidy finish if desired.

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