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How To Be A Green Eco-Friendly Camper At The Campsite

how to be a green camper

There are loads of reasons why we should all take the time to go camping every once in a while, but the one that makes us feel great is that if done properly camping can be a great eco-friendly activity. But the thing that’s really making us jiggle up and down with glee is that there are some very simple extra things we can all do to make camping even more Earth-friendly, and they’re just as kind to the environment as they are on our wallets… *virtual high fives all around!* So here is a run-down of some of our tips on how to be a green eco-friendly camper at the campsite.

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How To Be A Green Eco-Friendly Camper At The Campsite

  1. Being in the middle of nature brings everyone closer to understanding and loving it… and if we love it we’ll work extra hard to protect it. This is particularly true for children who can learn a great deal from being outside at all times of the day and night and witness nature in action. It can also provide a lot of free entertainment;

  2. As long as you don’t stray too far from home you will help cut ozone-damaging pollution pumped out into the environment through transportation;

  3. Avoiding pre-packaged and processed food products will help you cut down on the rubbish you generate and can be beneficial to your health, even if it’s only for a short time. If you make an effort to buy groceries near to where you are staying, such as a road side stall, farm shop or small local shop, not only will you will help to support local businesses but you’ll also cut down on your food air miles;

  4. If you are out in the local environment all the time, litter will look even more out of place than normal and you may be more likely to move it to a bin, even if it’s not yours. You will certainly be encouraged never to litter yourself;

  5. When you are out and about if you don’t disturb the local flora and fauna you will have more around you to entertain the family. This is especially true if it’s Spring and the birds, animals and plants are beginning to nest and grow;

  6. Don’t believe everything you read about camping essentials. You really don’t have to buy new gear and take loads of stuff with you to have a great time. Carefully chosen items that will be used frequently and have a multiple uses are much better. In fact we believe the simpler your trip is the more you will enjoy it, resulting in you being more likely to do it again;

  7. When you have to buy products, try to be eco-aware. For example, instead of buying ordinary washing up liquid and other cleaning products, buy something like Ecover;

  8. Be careful of chemical waste for your portable toilets. Try to be eco-conscious when you buy them and always dispose of them properly. Do your research as many toilet chemicals contain some really nasty things like the carcinogen Formaldehyde! Instead try to use something like the eco-friendly Blue Bio, which is just as kind to you as it is to the environment;

  9. Try to use fuel and power alternatives, like bio-diesel and solar panels. Not only are they great for your budget in the long term but they are also better for the environment. This is a huge subject and we will be covering it in more detail in future articles;

  10. If you don’t use disposable containers for propane, water, personal drinkers, food containers, etc, and only use refillable and re-usable ones you will help cut down on your personal waste, and as a bonus you will save some money;

  11. Rather than buy, you should try to hire, borrow and re-use. There are loads of companies that can help you with this and we’ll be highlighting them in the future;

  12. If you want to book a campsite, try to find an eco-friendly one. There are loads about and all of them can help you score big Earth-friendly points!

Do you know of any environmentally friendly camping tips, services or products? If you do, share them with us and we’ll be sure to pass them on. Looking forward to hearing from you and your tips on how to be a green eco-friendly camper at the campsite.

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