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The Inspired Camping Party

Camping Music

Ever thought about what music campers take camping? What they might add to their playlists before they head off for the campsite for a camping party?  What they use to wind down and chill out from the  daily hum drum…  or get the party going… or some retro heaven… a trip down memory lane… a romantic getaway? What exactly would an Inspired Camping reader recommend?

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Let us introduce you to our collection of Inspired Sounds courtesy of Spotify… our latest project where we do our very best to inspire you before, during and after your next trip away.

We’re going to do our best to collate everyone’s recommendations for a great camping and glamping trip… or whatever you want it to be. So if you want to hear what we’re playing in our campsite  based on what others have recommended then make sure you take a look at our new… err… ‘Music’ category… ahem… no surprises there then!

Anyway, all you need to do is navigate to the bottom of the Home Page whenever you want to check out some new camping sounds and click on the ‘Music’ category. It’s as simple as that. Alternatively you can check out all of our playlists over at Spotify. It’s fun, fruity, inspiring, free and it’ll get your toes tapping.

To get you started, we put together a few recommendations and some of our own choice for what we’re playing in the tent right now… and we’re having a  party so get your air guitars out!

Check out our camping party playlist at the bottom of this post!

As a side note, for those regular sharp-eyed readers who spotted we’re now in a tent instead of our camping car… yep… It’s not a typo….

We  bought our camper 3 weeks ago and it’s just blown a gasket…. literally! Maybe it’s because of everything we did in the time we had it.

camping car

So now we’re without wheels once more…. and our camping car project is temporarily on hold.

But it won’t stop the party at our campsite and we won’t be blue for long. We may be down, but we’re certainly not out! The party is still going on in our campsite and we’re already getting inspired for our next trip… no matter what!

Hope you enjoy a little piece of our Inspired Camping Party.

(Note: Not safe for work… unless you work in our office! )

You can also take a look at the playlist here


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