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Glamping TV: Emmerdale And Amazing Spaces

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The more we see of TV shows such as Emmerdale and Amazing Spaces the more we begin to wonder exactly how glamping TV might be effecting the camping industry in the UK, US and beyond.

We’ve seen many camping trends come and go over the years but none have been so determined to stick around than ‘glamping’.

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There’s no doubt we’ve seen an increase in the demand for glamping services in recent years. This is evident by the massive surge in businesses now offering services to anyone wanting to delve in this luxury outdoor experience.

In the UK the National Caravan Council believes this is due to new glamping and staycations trends emerging as travelling abroad or staying in the comfort of a hotel isn’t what it used to be. Volcanic ash clouds and terrorist threats interrupt flights, while hotels have become crowded, over heated and tedious, with very little about the experience that doesn’t cost the earth… both financially and environmentally.

However, many people try camping once or twice but are put off by the lack of facilities, creepy crawlies and leaky tents, so they return home disappointed and devoid of motivation to ever return again. But this does not remove the inherent desire that most people have to stay in our great outdoors, soaking up the atmosphere and absorbing the fresh air.

So it seems that  adventure seekers and regular holiday makers who don’t usually take part in traditional camping activities, are realising it does not have to be that way, and there is now an alternative… glamping!

Glamping TV is only intensifying this by showing people the options out there and broadening their horizons. Anyone heard of the Tipping Point?

So if you’re a glamping business or someone simply interested in this activity, then you really should pay attention to the next time Emmerdale’s glamping site is in the headlines and the Amazing Spaces Book is published and Series 2 airs.

From what we have seen so far, there’s a very good chance glamping tv is going to be great for business and for the leisure industry as a whole!

So with the new glamping craze opening up the mainstream customer markets to the idea of going camping and glamping, and the political arena supporting outdoor industries, now seems to be just the right time to get involved.

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