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Yurt Homes 2019

yurt homes

If you think living in a yurt in 2019 is traditional, dark and unappealing, then you’d better think again. Welcome to the brave new world of yurt homes.

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If you’ve always wanted to defy convention and live a non-conformist life then picking one of many options of yurt homes could be what you are looking for. But if you think this type of lifestyle will be dark and gloomy, with thick insulated walls and no windows, there are a few yurt home owners who would like to prove you wrong.

Yurt Homes: An Unconventional Life

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Take inspiration from Megan who lives in a yurt near Wyoming’s National Park. The location couldn’t be more beautiful and neither could the yurt, which displays heaps of glamour and style.

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This yurt is completely off-grid and couldn’t be more unorthodox, both as a home and as a non-traditional space.

It measures 24 feet in diameter, about 450 square feet, and was co-designed by her and a friend, who just so happened to be an architect.

Between them they came up with the idea of designing a kitchen in the centre of the space with a mezzanine floor above to accommodate a queen-sized bed to make the most of the living area they had.

They also constructed some cleverly thought out storage, hidden away to keep the space uncluttered.

Throughout her yurt home Megan has kept the colour pallet pale, allowing the accessories of rugs, cushions and throws to inject colour in places that need it most.

Keeping to the same theme, they used Carrara Marble to construct the kitchen giving it a sense of a glamorous ‘palace home’ rather than ‘yurt home’.

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The whole space is powered by the sun using solar panels and allows the lucky owner of this luxurious yurt to focus on her profession as an artist and a writer, while not having to worry about a mortgage.

Are you inspired?

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Yurt Homes: Megan Griswold with Thomas Schaer, SHED Architects, and photographer Jenny Elia Pfeiffer

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