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How To Promote Your Glamping Business And Attract More Guests In 2021

This is how to promote your glamping business and attract more guests.

How to promote your glamping business when you don’t have customers walking past your shop window ready to be incised inside by attractive window designs and offers. So just how do you promote your services and attract more guests? In 2020, digital marketing is a huge part of brand exposure. Whether you’re a big glamping site or just a small one, you will benefit from the added boost of your business’ exposure over the Internet. Many video platforms like Youtube offer added exposure and priority to businesses and companies that want to advertise online.

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How To Promote Your Glamping Business In 2021

If you want to use video as a means to reach out to your audience then you’ll need to make sure each video is optimized so you won’t waste time and effort. Promotions, regardless of size, cost you money so it’s important to make the most out of every penny. While a video is the most expensive to produce, it also guarantees the most returns, if done properly.

A Video Tells a Complete Story

Why do companies prefer video promotion and what do you need to know when understanding how to promote your glamping business? Compared to other types of creatives, a video is by far the most complete. There are also limitless possibilities on what you can do in a video. You can take your audience for a tour into your glampsite even before they step foot in the perimeters. There are also some tricks you can do so that you can entice someone to visit your site through the means of a promotional video. Here are some tips on how you should make your video promotion:

Use Royalty-Free Content

First and foremost, make sure that all images, videos, and music used in the promotional video are either yours, royalty-free or used with permission from the owner. There are also websites that offer royalty-free music, images, and clips for payment or credits. Make sure that every second of the video is filled with content that you have rights to so that you won’t end up with problems in the long run.

Keep It Short and Simple (KISS)

KISS is age-old advice that means “keep it short and simple”. This advice is most applicable in creating your promotional video. An audience’s attention span is very short these days. According to statistics, the average video viewer attention span has dropped from the year 2000, which was 12 seconds to 8 seconds today.

Promotional videos should be short and straight to the point. You need to make sure that the audience grasps the information quickly so that they can act on it before they lose interest. Optimize your video to hold the most important information within the first 8 seconds so that you can deliver everything on the get-go.

Your video length should also depend on the platform you’re trying to put it in. For example, in social media, a Facebook video should be between 2 to 3 minutes, an Instagram video, on the other hand, should be between 15 to 30 seconds. If you’re planning to do a full-length video promotion, publish it in your own website or through Youtube then create a shorter version for Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Tell a Story

Creating a video is one thing, and making it interesting enough to watch is another. A lot of current advertisements use the power of emotion and experience to be relatable to their audience. If your video is not relatable, your client won’t last 5 seconds in your promotional video.

In order to be effective at telling a story, you should know your audience and see through their eyes. If you own a glampsite, most of your patrons would be adventurous yet look for glamour in their campsite so make sure that you highlight all of the facilities that your customers would find interesting. Also, focus on the benefits of those facilities rather than the features as this means more to your potential viewers.

This is how to promote your glamping business and attract more guests.

Teach Something New

People watch videos to be entertained or to learn something new. Try to tell your audience something new about your glampsite. For example, you can talk about new features in your glamping sites like new swings or a pet playground.

Practice Honesty

Honesty and sincerity sell. If you’re doing a video on your glampsite, you should make sure that the information and graphics you present are accurate. It would become a problem if you weren’t honest about your glampsite, and the people are disappointed when they visit. The disappointment will lead to being discredited.

Use Exciting Ambient Audio

Refrain from using what is coined as “elevator music”. Try to use EDM or electronic dance music in your videos to excite and entice your audience. Make sure that you match the mood you’re trying to portray with your music.

Perfection Leads To Procrastination

When sharing videos on social media, while it is best to avoid the type of amateur video that is uncomfortable to watch – and even a bit irritating – it is important you try to avoid perfection. Social media platforms get best results from real videos that look as real in the ‘timeline’ as those videos shared by friends, family and loved ones. If yours is too perfect then it won’t fit in as well, which is great as we all know that trying to achieve perfection just leads to fear of failure, procrastination and a lack of progress. As the poem by William O’Brien goes…

“It is better to try and fail than to never try at all…”

Final Thoughts

Every glampsite can truly benefit from having good promotional materials. Excellent video promotion is a good way of fully talking to your audience. The aforementioned video-making tips should allow you to create the best promotion for your brand. Take the tips to heart and showcase the best that your glampsite has to offer.

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