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From Nothing To A Multi-Million Luxury Camping And Glamping Business #015

Under Canvas glamping business luxury camping with Sarah Dusek

Have you ever wondered who owns Under Canvas luxury camping business? These are the show notes of episode #015 of the podcast ‘The Business of Glamping and Unique Holiday Rentals’ with Sarah Riley from Inspired Camping and Inspired Courses and special guest Sarah Dusek from Under Canvas who shares her story with us about how she and her husband Jacob grew their business from just a small idea into a multi-million business that is now attracting investment from some of the biggest businesses in the hospitality industry.

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Under Canvas glamping business luxury camping Sarah Dusek

Under Canvas: From Nothing To A Multi-Million Luxury Camping And Glamping Business

Podcast Episode #015 – Show Notes

In this episode, Sarah Dusek shares her origin story for Under Canvas USA and how she ended up moving countries to set up her business, which has now attracted significant expansion investment from KSL Capital Partners. She also talks through:

  1. Why every growing company must still align with their values and mission to have an impact,
  2. The essentials of strong environmental principles and sustainable businesses strategies
  3. The key metric business owners need to know when aiming to attract investors
  4. What’s next for Under Canvas and the USA luxury camping and glamping industry as a whole.

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