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Glamping Business Advice: Guest Attraction Using Outdoor Amenities

Glamping business guest attraction techniques

Glamping Business Advice and Guest Attraction Techniques are essential now the experiential hospitality market has grown and become more competitive. While many have enjoyed this new industry trend, now they are finding that competition is picking up, guest bookings are slowing down and there are gaps in the diary where it was once always busy. So if you want to find out a few guest attraction techniques to boost your bookings, read on.

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Glamping Business Advice For Attracting Guests

It is true that glamping and experiential travel are some of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors and stay connected with nature. There are a lot of glamping sites all over the world and each of them aims to have something special that the other competitors don’t have. While glamping sites have essentials like glamping structures and tents, sleeping areas, and communal areas; there are those that have added features. These features are beneficial to guests and the owners as they help to boost occupancy rates and, ultimately, business profitability. This proves that there’s more to a glamping business service than just the accommodation. Now it is also about the experience.

The Importance of Design

Exterior and interior designs are both equally important in a glamping site. The exterior layout attracts the guests and gives a great first impression and doorstep appeal, while the interior design makes them feel more comfortable and adds to the atmosphere. These two elements should work harmoniously with each other, yet be distinct elements on their own. 

I can not count the number of places I have visited that have no theme, atmosphere or ambience as the owners have left it as a blank canvas believing that the guest will come in and add their own personality. Unfortunately, when you are travelling with only a limited number of bags this is not possible, so the guest is left to their own devices in a place with limited facilities and very little to build lasting memories of their experiential adventure. Unsurprisingly this often leads to very few good reviews… or even worse, lots of bad ones. It also fails to inspire repeat guest bookings and word-of-mouth referrals.

So, if you currently own a glamping business that provides experiential travel and you want to add more glamour into your location, you can invest in fixtures, fittings, designs, and facilities. As a business investment, they can be worth every dime or penny. Here are some ideas according to function:

For Outdoor Relaxation

Relaxation is a big part of the glamping experience. People often go to glampsites to relax and connect with nature, family and friends. Part of the glamping experience is lounging outside and enjoying the scenery. Aside from the interior chairs, beds, and tables, you could provide a relaxing outdoor environment for your customers. Being able to do this in a unique way is a bonus for the guests and your own marketing and publicity efforts. Check out these outdoor additions:

Unique Chill-Out Corner

Most guests want to sleep or relax outdoors so it’s important to add a chill-out corner so they can enjoy nature in comfort. Remember to consider all possible weather scenarios, especially if you’re in a locality that’s prone to the odd downpour or two. Aside from rain-proofing, you could consider the night-time lighting, add fairy lights and lanterns and provide unique lighting fixtures. This adds a magical atmosphere and plenty of photo opportunities so your guests will remember their stay long after they have left.

Here are some ideas on what to put in your chill-out corner:

  • Parasols
  • Hammocks suspended between trees
  • Outdoor sofas
  • Beanbag chairs
  • Rugs
  • Bunting
  • Fairy lights
  • Fake candles
  • Wind chimes and sculptures

Bonfire Area

A bonfire area offers a good aesthetic, as well as temperature control. One of the most memorable experiences in a glamping site is sitting around the bonfire, exchanging songs and stories. Adding a dedicated bonfire area is a sure way to liven up any glamping gathering and your guests will thank you for it.

Make sure that the bonfire area is not prone to catching fire to anything else. If you’re doubtful about its safety, make sure you have safety equipment nearby or substitute it with an artificial fire. Amazing things can be achieved with steam and LED light artificial flame fires.

Jacuzzi or Hot Tub

The jacuzzi or hot tub is the most expensive addition amongst the aforementioned. It’s an optional luxury but only if you can afford it. A jacuzzi is expensive and it requires a lot of daily maintenance, especially if it does not have its own built-in filter. There are also strict health and safety regulations a business must consider due to bacterial build-up. However, many believe they can increase the occupancy of a hospitality business and they certainly help add a glamorous and relaxing experience for your guests.

For Outdoor Leisure

People often go glamping to have fun outdoors so make sure you also add places where guests can enjoy their bond with nature and each other. If you’re operating on a small budget, you can start small and use what you already have. If you’re going to add pieces of furniture, make sure that the theme still stays true to the essence of your business branding.

Here are some ideas for outdoor leisure:

Outdoor Cinema

An outdoor cinema is a unique addition to your glampsite. While technology is often kept to a minimum during glamping, you can still utilize a simple layout. A projector with a big white fold-away screen in an area that’s not too conspicuous or a white wall also works well.

Having an outdoor cinema doesn’t have to cost a lot. You can buy equipment or use an old projector. Make sure that you have a great sound system so that your guests can fully enjoy the experience.

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Pet Playground

Your glampsite could also accommodate pets as well. Your guests might be bringing their furry best friends and their needs must not be forgotten. Having a pet playground will be a great leisure addition to your glampsite and if you have one then pet lovers will pick your site above the rest.

It doesn’t have to be a big playground. You only need a fenced area with a few toys for them to play with or some obstacles to climb and jump over. Just add a few plants or chairs so that the guests and their furry companions are comfortable. 

Kids Playground

A fine addition to your glampsite is a high-quality kids playground. Most sites are built to accommodate adults so if you want your place to be known as a family-friendly place, you can add a play area for children. Put some time into deciding what equipment to include in it as it doesn’t have to contain the same as every other site. Remember that this is a good place for children to develop their love for nature and the companionship of other kids, so start from there and seek inspiration to make it unique and special.

You don’t need a big space or a big budget to have a kids playground. Think outside-the-box and come up with a few original ideas, such as a giant outdoor chess set, skittles, a rope swing, puzzles, obstacle courses, etc.

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is a great place for guests to bond and have fun. If your area doesn’t have a natural water source nearby like a river or the sea, you can create a pool so they can play, cool down and relax. However, just like the jacuzzi and hot tub, only add a swimming pool if you’re sure you can handle the added expenses, cleaning, maintenance and safety measures.

For Dining Alfresco

Eating is one of the most important activities of the day so an outdoor dining area will be beneficial to your site’s popularity. Most glampsites already have indoor dining areas. A good addition to your area is a nice and comfortable place to cook and handle food. Here are some dining suggestions:

Outdoor Kitchen

The trick to creating a great outside kitchen is using appliances that mix well with the outdoor theme. For example, use a small black refrigerator instead of a big white one that would stick out or clad the white one with wood. In fact, using natural materials is a great way of adding the wow factor to a functional space.

Grilling or Barbeque Area

The grilling or barbeque area is simpler than an actual kitchen and guests love it. During a summers evening, they can be one of the most popular places on the site and attract groups of people who make new friends doing something they love… filling the air with the smell of wonderful cooking. If you’re planning to add this, make sure the smoke and fire are controlled and you have procedures in place to tackle any unfortunate accidents. 

Glamping Business And Experiential Hospitality Success

Adding more glamour and a deeper experience into your glamping site can invite better guest reviews, repeat customers and more word of mouth recommendations. Mix this with some clever marketing techniques and you will get more of the right kind of exposure to attract your future visitors. The key is to give it more than just a moment of your time. Think outside-of-the-box, be unique and show your guests how much you care about what’s important to them. That’s the key to providing excellent glamping and experiential hospitality.

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