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Marketing Your Log Cabin or Glamping Business To Millennials In 2022

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If you are interested in accessing the glamping target market then it’s time to dust off that keyboard and charge that camera battery, as millennials are looking for the ideal holiday destination, and Facebook will help them make that decision. Around 70% of millennials are basing their vacation decisions on what they see on Facebook and Instagram, and collectively, they have around $200 billion at their disposal. For log cabin and unique accommodation owners, this means setting the scene to create an inviting atmosphere that’s almost palpable just by looking at the photo.

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Magnetising The Glamping Target Market

If you own a glamping business or are thinking of setting one up, it’s essential you focus on attracting your ideal customer and repelling those who are just not cut out for what you offer. This will give your ideal glamping target market heaps of amazing experiences and your business will receive amazing reviews. Taking the example of a glamping cabin or treehouse, here are some actions you can take.

Highlight The Best Aspects Of The Cabin

One of the first things to remember about unique accommodation setups such as log cabins is that they don’t have to be tacky, low quality, or even low budget. Log cabins are known to bring together the best of form and function, inviting the outdoors inside without compromising on style.

High vaulted ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows are anything but stuffy and frumpy and allow weekend getaways and family vacations to be anything but basic. Take advantage of the special features of the properties and aspects that would appeal to a millennial crowd. If you are stuck for inspiration, make sure you check out our Pinterest boards with Inspired Camping and glamping business inspirations

Choose Your Location Wisely

The beauty of alternative accommodation such as log cabin homes and glamping campsites is that it’s far simpler to set up than more formal structures. This means that travellers get to experience some of the most scenic locations in the world and being closer to nature, without having to forego a good night’s rest. Log cabin owners who want to target millennials should consider the amenities available to them, as up to 71% of millennials rate experiences over things. This means getting up close and personal with nature, and allowing easy access to hiking, biking, long walks on the beach, and more. MarketWatch tells us:

Some of these trends may be overstated, but millennials do have different tastes and priorities than past generations, a new study from travel site Contiki found. They prioritize activities over physical purchases, with 71% of 18- to 35-year-olds citing experiences as the most important thing in their lives.

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Keeping Those Gadgets Handy

While the idea of camping appeals to millennials, there is something about the lack of access to gadgets that do not. Glamping, alternative hospitality accommodation, and log cabin retreats bridge this gap nicely by providing access to the great outdoors without having to forego any of the luxuries. For millennials, this is a crucial arrangement as many operate their entire lives – and businesses – with only their smart devices. While there is some debate about whether people should switch off from wifi while taking time off, knowing that around 39% of millennials spend more time on their smart devices than with loved ones, accommodation owners are able to address their needs more accurately.

Need Help Connecting With The Glamping Target Market?

Small business owners continue to struggle to connect with millennials in a meaningful way but this is especially important for anyone running a lifestyle business or glamping hospitality. If you need help connecting with your ideal customer then dive into our Glamping Business Podcast to get inspired about the techniques many other hosts are using.

Millennials need vacation spots that satisfy their needs, both from a relaxation and functionality perspective. Allowing them access to nature while still providing access to WiFi, but giving them strategies to help them disconnect, will allow millennials to enjoy the balance and get you many more satisfied guests in the future.

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