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Get More Bookings And Heads In Beds For Your Unique Accommodation In 2020

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This is all about getting more bookings and heads in beds for your unique accommodation and glamping business. So what are the top priorities for any tourism or hospitality business to get visible, attract customer, maximise bookings and skyrocket profits? When you are a one-(wo)man team what exactly should you focus on first to ensure the success of your new or seasoned business and how do you ensure future growth to give you the profitable business and the retirement nest egg you are hoping for?

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There are key ways you can grow your lifestyle business quickly, whether it’s a side hustle, lifestyle business or big resort, even if you lack a dedicated team to help and a multi-million budget to play with. Let’s face it… these days that’s a luxury few of us have, so it’s worth prioritising the most important and effective steps you can take to achieve the best and most successful unique hospitality business possible.

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How Do I Get More Bookings In 2020?

There are two key stages to getting it right for both large and small businesses.

  1. The first is focusing on the business set-up and development. In this phase, there are several stages, which we reveal in this article.
  2. The second is with building a guest attraction strategy, which will help you to become more visible to your potential customers through targetted marketing. We reveal more about that in this article here.
  3. The third stage is something many business owners forget… building strategies to get repeat customers and direct bookings.

An extraordinary hospitality and glamping business can be achieved by anyone, no matter what help you do or don’t have. The key is focusing on getting the most important elements right in terms of your investment of time and money. That means recognising that not all tactics are equal or might be right for the type of business you have. Some may take you forever to execute and have little impact, while others could have huge payouts. This is when it’s worth taking the advice of those who have experience of what works… and what doesn’t… so you can learn quickly and achieve your full business potential as efficiently as possible.

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Unique Accommodation And Glamping Business Model

This is all about planning, exploring, imagining and developing. Ultimately this is an incredibly exciting stage of your journey, with the only limit being your imagination. If you want to be part of the extraordinary outdoor accommodation industry this is the time to explore with no limits. For example, will you be franchising, building treehouses or developing pod homes?

Setting Up Planning and Designing Your Unique Accommodation In 2020

Now it’s time to hone those essential business skills, learn about what works in the industry and thoroughly plan your unique outdoor accommodation business. Make sure you research the industry, get advice where you can, take a glamping business course and get feedback about your glamping business design. The plans for your business need to be robust, the design must be in detail and the building agreements must be water-tight. At the end of this stage, you will have ultimate confidence in your ideas and the direction in which you are heading.

Focus On The Guest Experience To Get More Heads In Beds

Take a moment to outline the full experience you plan to give your guests. For example, the facilities, they can use during the perfect weather days to the not so perfect and the things you will provide for them that they will want to get the selfie stick out for.

Service Details To Help You Deliver Even More Success

Plan exactly what your utilities will be, decide if you will be off-grid or linked to the mains, set out your storage requirements, discover what the health and safety essentials are, explore what permission you need to have in place, think through your own skills in relation to the services you want to provide and get training where you need it. For example, if you intend to serve food then make sure you are certified to do so.

Expect to eat, sleep and breath your business during this stage of development. Be prepared that this stage will need your full attention, but the rewards will be immense and just think how proud you will be to announce your business to the world, your family and your friends.

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Tools And Business Advice To Get You Started

If you are curious to find out more about how to start a glamping business, make sure you read this article on Inspired Camping, which is full of helpful tips and links signposting you to more resources.

If you are already keen to get started and need the glamping business plan templates and cash flow examples to help you understand the costs involved in setting up and running this type of holiday rental, then you can find those here.

Inspired Courses, The Ultimate Glamping Business Guide (see link above) will help you kick-start the process and accelerate quickly while reducing your workload if you are planning to set-up something in the world of extraordinary outdoor accommodation.

It is hard enough starting a business without having to learn from scratch. Spending precious time researching everything you need to know is time-consuming and inefficient.

This course will help you learn quickly so you can achieve quickly, giving you more chance of success and helping you leap-frog the competition. The guide takes you through all the essential steps from choosing your mode of glamping, understanding the industry, developing the right business model for you, planning essentials, the type of land you should choose, permissions needed and exactly how much you can expect to pay for and earn from such a venture. To find out more visit Inspired Courses.

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Attract Customers, Get More Bookings And Heads In Beds

Ok, so you’ve worked hard and you’ve set up an amazing, unique accommodation business. But you’re starting to realise that if you build it they may not actually come. After all, that only happens to Kevin Costner! So what can you do to get more visible, get more heads in beds and increase your bookings?

This is about understanding the true heart of your business and that of your ideal customer then connecting the two and bringing them together will help you get more bookings. This will help you attract the customers you really want as they will really love what you are trying to achieve. It is also about choosing your website, social media and other platforms with care. And it is also about tailoring every piece of content you produce to address the needs of your customers and help them get toget more bookings with the marketing masterclass know you better.

Believe it or not, this is easier than you might think and there are simple processes you can follow and fascinating techniques that very few in this industry are currently taking advantage of, to help you get the results you want, faster and easier.

The Marketing Masterclass for unique accommodation and glamping businesses has been designed to help you attract more customers and increase your occupancy levels with ease and without feeling overwhelmed.

Every element has been tailored to help you get your business visible and working on auto-pilot so you can maximise your bookings and get more customers without spending more on your advertising or booking agent fees.

The step-by-step instructions take you through some of the most successful marketing strategies available to you today. That means more heads in beds, more bookings and more profits. The Masterclass shares the secrets to finding those who want to stay in unique accommodation like yours and turn them into lifetime customers who send you referrals.

This is how you can future-proof your unique accommodation and glamping business and find the success you deserve.

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All of the above elements are what we’ve been discussing in our incredibly helpful Facebook Group full of inspirational business owners who are sharing their own knowledge generously.

If you want to continue the conversation, request your access to the supportive community by clicking here and gain access to the free glamping business resources by clicking here, all courtesy of Sarah Riley of Inspired Courses.

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