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The Business Of Luxury And High-End Camps With Glamping Hub #013

Ruben Martinez Glamping Hub

These are the show notes of episode #013 of the podcast ‘The Business of Glamping and Unique Holiday Rentals’ with Sarah Riley from Inspired Camping and Inspired Courses and special guest Ruben Martinez from Glamping Hub who shares his extensive experience with us while we delve into trends, customer behaviour and exciting developments for this industry.

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The Business Of Luxury And High-End Camps With Special Guest Ruben Martinez From Glamping Hub

Ruben Martinez Glamping Hub

Podcast Episode #013 – Show Notes

In this episode, Ruben has some great advice for new business owners and specifically talks about:

  • The history of glamping,
  • Trends in the US and Europe,
  • Hospitality in general and what’s emerging in the industry,
  • Essential support available for business owners through the American Glamping Association,
  • Exciting developments and new opportunities available for new businesses in the future.

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