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Glamping Japan – Hospitality Trends In 2020

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Japan is known for its unique and fascinating culture: a curious marriage of the traditional Japanese culture and the current contemporary modern lifestyle with its beating energy centralized in the heart of Tokyo. Japan’s colourful and interesting lifestyle is evident in the colourful otakus frolicking in Shibuya, which is a stark contrast to the stern-looking office workers hurriedly walking to their office. Although Japan celebrates its state-of-the-art buildings, gadgets, and lifestyle, the Japanese love to stay in touch with nature and an increase in outdoor camping led to the booming business of glamping.

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As early as the mid-1900’s, glamping or glamorous camping became increasingly popular in the country which was brought by the baby boomers born during that time. Those born during the 1940’s who was regarded as the first baby boomers in the country found glamping to be a luxurious yet relaxing experience which subsequently led to an increase in the glamping business up to this day. This trend led to more business opportunities as people began selling camping-related products with an expectation that the glamping lifestyle will continue in the future. They weren’t wrong.

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The glamping business became more popular and is proven by statistics. In 2017 alone, there’s been an increase in car-camping activity. An estimate of 8.4 million people indulged in this outdoor activity which is the fifth consistent increase in the past years. The increase in glamping activities involves the second baby boomers who were born in the 1970’s. They have the option to do solo-camping, family camping and the hassle-free and convenient glamping which they love.

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One of the reasons why they love glamping is they can stay at luxurious tents or camps which are fully-packed with all the necessities and amenities, akin to staying in a hotel, so there’s no need to bring anything when camping. Most glamping venues have set menus and bars where campers can enjoy first-class meals and drinks. People love to take photographs while they’re on their trip and then post them on social media. They also love to camp out during winter. The Japan Auto Camping Federation hopes that the popularity of this trend will continue to grow and will hopefully spread to other parts of the population.

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The increase in popularity of this trend led to more glamping spots launched in the past few years. One of the most popular glamping spots is just two hours away from Tokyo. This glamping venue is surrounded with trees and plants where you can relax and enjoy nature when the sun is out, bask in the splendour of the emerald-coloured Lake Okutama down below the camping site, gather around the bonfire and enjoy gazing at the stars at night, and then sleep comfortably inside the spacious and fully furnished tents whenever you want to.

The vast glamping site of Circus Outdoor Okutama spreads 4,000 square meters of lush greenery and bliss. You can even enjoy set meals specially prepared by first-rate chefs which is amazing.

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Another popular glamping spot is HOSHINOYA Fuji. This glamping resort is a modern-inspired Cloud Terrace with cube-like cabins overlooking the lakeside woods situated just across the wondrous magnificence of Mt Fuji itself. You can wake up to the splendour of Mt. Fuji in your quaint glamping spot and then enjoy the day for a mountain walk with a backpack and binoculars in hand for bird watching. Some of the additional items you can purchase aptly at their store. You can also enjoy the forest concert and observe as well as make smoked foods under the tutelage of the glamping masters at the site.

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Lastly, GLAMP ELEMENT in Shiga Prefecture is a picturesque glamping spot near the JR Omi Nagaoka Station. Their modern tents are fully-equipped with the latest amenities. You can even enjoy a refreshing bath using the shower and whirlpool bath which is part of your huge, high-class tent. The guest rooms are situated near a pond so you can have a relaxing time drinking your renowned Japanese beer and specially-made desserts of the finest locally produced dairy. Your meals and beverages are included in your fee which is very convenient.

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