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5 Budget Camping Hacks You’ll Love

camping hacks

It’s amazing what you can do with ordinary gear when you go camping. Here’s some of our favourite budget camping hacks you can take with you the next time you visit the camping or festival site.

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Bubble Wrap

Particularly useful if you are going to a camping festival, as a long roll of bubble wrap can help you get a perfect nights sleep. Its comfortable, lightweight and insulates you from the cold coming up from the ground. It’s also really good for insulating a campervan or caravan in cold weather. So if you have no heating try bubble wrap on the windows and doors held in place with tape.

An Old Bucket

If you take an old bucket with you when you are wild camping you can string it up from a tree and use it as a shower by making a few holes in the bottom. It can also be used as storage space when not in use as a shower.

Charcoal Briquettes

If you are tired of your camper van, caravan or tent getting damp when it’s not in use, you can use charcoal briquettes as a natural dehumidifier. Just make sure you remember to change them every now and again to keep the briquettes working.


If you keep getting attacked by ants at the campsite, make sure you have some chalk to hand. Ants hate the calcium carbonate naturally found in chalk, which is made up of the compressed shells of marine animals. All you have to do is draw on the ground or crush the chalk and scatter it to stop the ants in their tracks.

Drink Cans

There are so many uses for empty drink cans. One such use is to remove the top and bottom of a can and place it in a frying pan of simmering water. Then you add an egg and *HEY PRESTO* you have a poacher that produces perfect circular eggs every time.

Do you know any camping hacks you’d like to share?

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Picture Credit: 23 Feet

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