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How To Get Better Quality Sleep While Camping

better sleep while camping

You’ve heard it so many times before; going camping offers you the perfect chance to get closer to this wonderful thing called nature, and it’s really good! It’s a chance for ultimate escapism if that’s what you’re after, or perhaps just a lovely trip away with a loved one or family.

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Either way, you don’t have to give up on comfort and quality sleep while camping because that doesn’t have to be sacrificed these days when you take these tips on board!

Sleeping bags

If you pick a sleeping bag that fits your needs then you’re going to find it much easier to sleep. Temperature is key to sound slumber because being too hot will prevent your body from cooling enough to trigger sleep, while being too cold will stop you from being cosy enough to drift off.

You can choose sleeping bags such as the car or backpack versions which can help you get what you need and sleep well too.

Sleeping pads

You can get your hands on several different types of sleeping pad:

  •      Air
  •      Self-inflating
  •      Closed-cell foam

Depending on how much weight you want to carry and the type of camping trip you’re on, you pick from a thicker, wider pad or go for the more lightweight version of an air pad or closed-cell pad, depending on your preference.


When it comes to your pillows, you have options. You can bring the pillows you use at home, which can always help with instant comfort and association with good sleep, or if you find it easier to nod off, you can take a foam or inflatable camp pillow.

Earplugs and eye masks

If you want to get your extra sleep as dawn breaks then an eye mask is a great travel accessory for any camper. Team your eye mask with some earplugs to block out, or dull down exterior noise. We all know how close-by things can seem when you’re in the tent, and then there’s the sound of the tent rustling in the wind too.

Camping lights

At night it gets dark and if you don’t have something to see with when all the natural light disappears then you may well find it tricky to navigate yourself around the camp.

You can opt for a headlamp, LED-style lantern or even your mobile phone light if you’d prefer, although this can reduce the battery of your phone quite quickly which you might not be so keen to do.

Stick with recognised routines

What the last thing you do at night? Think of it, then make sure you do it before you slip off to sleep in your tent as this gives your brain a trigger-style response that now is your time to wind down and get some rest. Humans love a routine, and this proves the point!

Pick the right bedwear

If you’ve been active all day and you’re up for the real outdoors experience, don’t worry about thinking this has to transfer over into your bedtime too. make sure you get changed out of dirty and/or sweaty clothes.

Pack some clean tops and bottoms that are loose and comfy will suffice. Depending on the location, packing some socks for sleeping in might also be a nice idea too.

It’s also worth mentioning that you don’t want to get into bed being overdressed. Wearing thick, bulky garments when you’re in a sleeping bag can inhibit your bag’s ability to effectively prevent your body heat from escaping.

Brace for some mid-night toilet visits

Inevitably, if you don’t prep for it, you won’t be in a position to slip off for a toilet break in the middle of the night with maximum efficiency!

So, to be on the safe side, when you head off to bed, stick a pair of flip-flops, or trainers right by the tent door and put your light somewhere nearby too so you can see where you’re going.

Remember to relax

The last and probably most important tip is simply to relax. You didn’t take yourself off on a camping trip to stress yourself out, so, enjoy it!

If you don’t often go on this type of break, there’s the chance that you will lie back at night alertly listening with some degree of angst to each and every little sound made outside the tent.

Just remember that small sounds, like we touched on previously, sound larger at night, so try to just let it be part of the experience and relax. There’s nothing out there that will put you in any harm, so slip the eye mask on, pop the earplugs in and float off to the Land of Nod.

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