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3 Tips For Taking Your Dog Camping

tips for taking your dog camping

Dan Edwards is the Pet Supplies Buyer at Millbry Hill. Here, he shares his top tips for taking your dog on a camping holiday, so you and your pooch can have the best time possible.

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Camping holidays can be incredibly exciting: they offer a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and allow you to explore the great outdoors. Taking your dog along will only add to the fun, but there will also be some extra things you need to consider when it comes to what you should take, where you can stay, and what your days will look like.

Here, I’m going to share my three top tips for camping with your dog, which will help to ensure you, your camping mates, and your furry friend will have the best possible experience. Read on to learn more.

Don’t forget the essentials

Day to day, you mightn’t realise just how many things your dog needs to live comfortably. But, before you set off on your camping trip, you should make a note of everything they’ll require while you’re away, and pack them a bag. Then, make sure their supplies are easy to access during your journey and once you’ve arrives at your destination.

When you’re making a list of what you should take, there are some essentials you can’t miss out. Firstly, while you’re travelling and once you’re at your campsite, you and your furry friend are bound to do lots of walking. So, you should ensure that you pack a well-fitting harness that they can wear comfortably for a couple of hours or more. You’ll also need an adjustable lead, so you can let your pooch explore, but keep them close when necessary.

Of course, your dog will also need food and drink bowls. If they’re quite anxious or set in their ways, bringing their usual bowls along is likely to help them feel comfortable while away on holiday. But, if they’re quite easy going, you might find it easier to invest in some collapsible versions that can be packed much more easily. Also, check this out for some dog-friendly boots if the terrain is rough.

I would also highly recommend packing a towel or two just for your dog, as you’ll want to be able to wipe them down and dry them off if they get wet or muddy on a walk. Plus, you’re going to need some bags to clean up after them.

Find a campsite that’s dog-friendly

Sometimes people make the mistake of assuming that every campsite they pull up to will be dog-friendly, but this isn’t always the case. So, when you’re planning where to go, the first thing you need to check is whether your pet is going to be welcome.

Pitch-up, Cool Camping, GlampingHub and other campsite location websites help you to find the perfect campsite or caravan park for you depending on your requirements. They have an entire section dedicated to dog-friendly camping holidays, which should offer all of the information you need to choose the perfect site for you and your pooch.

Try to stick to your dog’s usual routine

If your dog isn’t used to spending time away from home, a camping trip could be quite unsettling for them. However, sticking to their usual routine when it comes to walks and meal times can go a long way to keeping them calm and comfortable. Of course, you mightn’t be able to follow their exact schedule, but if they’re used to having one walk in the morning and another in the evening, try to keep this up. And, whether they’re usually fed two or three times a day, it’s best to keep this going.

You’re sure to have activities planned for each day but try to arrange these around what your dog will be expecting in terms of food and walks. It’ll help to keep them settled, which will ensure you have a much better time away.

Taking your dog along on a camping trip will ensure that your time away is extra exciting, but it can also mean you need to do some extra planning and packing. Take these three tips on board, and you should have the best time away with your furry friend.

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