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Yurt Adventure in Cyprus: The Best Eco-Friendly Experience on a Glamping Holiday

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Cyprus has become well-known all over the world for all the best reasons. Tourism in the country emphasizes the eco aspect in order to preserve the state’s natural resources as it focuses on sustainability. If you are planning a long stay in the country, immigration to Cyprus is now easy when you use a reputable agent.

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Allow me to take you through the yurt experience in this country. Visitors will find a paradise set on a hillside and enjoy pristine natural surroundings and soothing sunsets. What’s more is the fact that the accommodation standards in the yurts is unique and memorable. Let us have a detailed look at this adventure.

A Look Into The Yurts

When you visit the Cypriot countryside, you will find three famous yurts: Engke, Qadan and Nasu. They are luxurious yet use natural materials as made by the Mongolians. The popular materials to find here include animal skin and hair as well as tree branches.

All people who have been here commended the yurts for their natural yet cosy experience for all family members. Before going inside, you will be greeted by a beautiful patio, where people rest as they enjoy the sunset and view the wonderful landscapes of Cyprus. These patios too are made of natural wood and posts without compromising the architectural design.

Inside the yurts, there is a private bathroom that has an eco-friendly design. They are not only spacious but also comfortable and clean. The staff is comprised of trained locals. The common eco-friendly features in the rooms include the use of natural light, local materials and solar power among other things.

According to information from the management of the yurt resort, activities in this region revolve around sustainability. The main attraction for people to visit here is to have a good time near nature, enjoy water-activities and at the same time have all their basic needs met. According to them, nature offers satisfying alternatives to all the luxuries people have in the cities.

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Typical Activities To Enjoy

The good thing is that people do not come here just to watch the sunsets and experience sleeping in a yurt. There are other activities that revolve around enjoying nature. The common ones include the following:

  • Hiking – a local guide is usually available for people who want to explore the area around the yurts. It may seem like the middle of nowhere, but the adventure is thrilling. People can enjoy nature trails and the history of the Cypriot countryside.
  • Bird watching – birds are everywhere that natural habitat prevails. The birds of Cyprus are interesting to observe. There are numerous species one can enjoy especially when you have the right birdwatching binoculars and camera to take memorable photos.
  • Stand Up Paddleboarding – the sea is tranquil and warm so what’s not to love about this fitness activity that helps increase your upper body strength.

Yurts Of Cyprus

Upon visiting the yurts of Cyprus, you can rest assured the experience will be enjoyable. It is convenient for a family retreat away from the city and suburbs. Coming here is not limited to a specific time because people can enjoy a similar experience any time of year. The winters are also manageable especially if you bring log burners with you, so take the time to enjoy Cyprus whenever you can.

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