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Games For Kids Camping Outdoors

Games for kids at the campsite

Whenever you go on camping holidays, it’s great to be able to get away from the smartphones and gadgets our lives seem to be filled with today. Every summer we rent one of those holiday lodges in Scotland, and although there are days are filled with lots of activities like swimming, hiking, walking and sightseeing, in the evenings we get together after dinner to play different games that don’t require any sockets and wires, or any other equipment apart from our voices and our brains.

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It’s always a good idea to have a list of games for kids camping outdoors and if you’re camping in the old-fashioned style, these games are great as you can play them around a campfire too.

Games For Kids Camping Outdoors

Playing games for kids while camping outdoors is important for several reasons:

1. Physical Activity: Outdoor games encourage kids to move their bodies, promoting physical health and fitness. Running, jumping, and playing active games helps burn off energy and keep kids active, which is especially important in today’s digital age.

2. Social Interaction: Camping games provide opportunities for children to interact with their peers, siblings, and adults in a fun and relaxed environment. Playing together fosters teamwork, communication skills, and cooperation, helping kids develop important social skills.

3. Appreciation of Nature: Outdoor games allow children to connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors. Whether they’re playing tag in the woods or scavenger hunting in the campground, kids develop a deeper understanding and respect for the natural world around them.

4. Creativity and Imagination: Many camping games encourage creativity and imagination. Whether it’s storytelling around the campfire or inventing new games with found objects in nature, kids have the opportunity to use their imagination and creativity in a natural setting.

5. Unplugged Time: Camping games provide a welcome break from screens and technology. Engaging in outdoor activities allows children to disconnect from electronic devices and enjoy the simple pleasures of nature, fostering mindfulness and mental well-being.

Overall, playing games while camping outdoors is not only fun but also offers numerous benefits for children’s physical, social, and emotional development. It creates lasting memories and instils a love for the great outdoors that can last a lifetime.

Games To Try…

Who am I?

This is a really easy game that a group of people of different ages can play together. One person thinks of a person, living or dead, famous or family, real or pretend (movie character, cartoon character, even a cuddly toy that one of the kids owns) and the others take turns to ask a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question to identify the person. Each questioner can continue asking a question until they get a ‘no’ – then questions move to the next person. The winning guesser is the next person to choose a person for the others to guess.

Guess the animal

This is a good one for younger kids. One person thinks of an animal and provides three clues so that the others can guess what it is. Make sure the kids don’t jump in too early with guesses – allow the three clues to be said first. The person who guesses correctly then takes a turn to think of an animal.

Twenty questions

One person thinks of an object and the others take turns to ask questions about the object which can only be answered with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The guessers must name the object before or by the twentieth question and whoever guesses correctly starts a new round. If no one guesses correctly, the same person reveals the answer and thinks of another object.

Of course, these games work just as well in the car as when you’re on a campsite, so they’re great for the journey to your camping destination and back too! I’ve even used them a few times for kids parties and they’ve worked just as brilliantly. So when you start planning your summer of camping, make sure you take a few game ideas with you too.


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