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The Best Camping Gadgets And Accessories (And Great Gift Ideas Too!)

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To get excited about your next trip to the campsite, you sometimes need a little help from your community. That’s why Inspired Camping has teamed up with our readers to bring you some of the best camping gadgets, camping accessories and gear recommendations to make sure you impress on your next trip to the campsite.

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What to look for in a Camping Gadget

When exploring camping gadgets (especially if it’s a gift for someone else), is to think about functionality, durability, portability, ease of use, and versatility.

1. Durability: Camping gadgets need to withstand a tough life outdoors, rough handling, extreme temperatures, and exposure to sunshine, water and dust.

2. Portability: Lightweight and compact gadgets that are easy to carry, are best, especially if you’re backpacking or hiking to the campsite. Types of lightweight material and collapsible or foldable designs are often available if you look hard enough.

3. Functionality: Choose gadgets that are practical and enhance your camping experience. Whether it’s cooking, lighting, navigating, or safety, always prioritize functionality over novelty.

4. Versatility: Multi-use gadgets are great if you have limited space in your backpack. For example, a multi-tool with various attachments or a portable solar charger that can power different devices.

5. Ease of Use: Camping gadgets should be intuitive to use, especially when you may not have access to instructions or technical support. So search for products with straightforward operation where possible.

6. Energy Efficiency: If the gadget needs power, think about rechargeable batteries, solar panels, or low energy consumption to minimize the need to carry extra batteries or fuel.

7. Weather Resistance: Camping gadgets are designed to withstand different weather conditions, including rain, wind, and humidity. Also look for water-resistant or waterproof features, which are particularly important for outdoor gear.

8. Safety Features: Prioritize safety when choosing camping gadgets, especially those involving fire, cooking, or navigation. Look for those with flame-retardant materials, automatic shut-offs and reliable GPS or emergency communication tools.

9. Reviews and Recommendations: Before making a purchase, read reviews from other campers to gauge the performance and reliability of the camping gadget. Personal recommendations from a camping fan are also great when buying something you have little knowledge of in a campsite scenario.

10. Price and Value: While it’s important to invest in quality camping gear, consider your budget and the overall value offered by the gadget. Sometimes, a slightly higher upfront cost can save you money in the long run by lasting longer. Judge this carefully by reading reviews and recommendations from others.

Readers Tips: Camping Gadgets For Chill Timecamping gadgets and accessories

Swedish Candle Fire Pit Log

For anyone wanting the perfect gathering at the campsite, this is a great camping accessory. They can be used for cooking or simply keeping warm with a centrepiece to socialise around. It’s easy to light and has a burn time of approximately 3-4 hours.

Inflatable Sofa

Whether you’re camping outdoors, lounging on the beach, or hanging out at music festivals, you’ll need an inflatable lounger to let you chill out in style!

This one takes 10 seconds to inflate and is made from robust parachute-grade materials that won’t let you down (tip: don’t settle for inferior alternatives).

Waterproof, Shockproof Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth wireless speaker provides 360 degrees surround sound for a rich, crisp and high audio experience, with the added benefit of it being waterproof, shockproof and designed for adventure.

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The Ultra Light Camping Chair

A big chair that folds down into an ultra-light carry case. It’s comfortable, compact and sets up in less than a minute.

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Readers Tips: Camping Gadgets For Sleep

The Wearable Sleeping Bag

With removable booties, arms and legs, it won’t matter where you drop off at the campsite! With 5-star reviews saying it’s cosier than a sleeping bag giving you the freedom to move in your sleep, this could be a perfect gift for festival-goers and camping enthusiasts alike. One to add to your camping list.

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Inflatable Tents

A new air pole technology or inflatable pole technology has drastically improved the efficiency of the rapid pitch tent, with the development of the inflatable tent. Click the link to read out ultimate guide of everything you need to know about inflatable tents, with a collection of the best ones on the market at the moment.

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Rumpl All Weather Blanket

If you like to be cosy at the campsite then a Rumpl blanket could be just the right thing for you. It’s an all-purpose waterproof blanket made from high-spec outdoor gear that’s water, stain and odour-resistant. It also packs easily into a stuff sack making it light enough to take just about anywhere.

rumpl blanket

Windcatcher AirPad2

This inflatable camping mattress can be blown up in seconds with just a few breaths of air and no need for an air pump. It has a 4-inch thick quilted support system for superior cushioning and comfort and is the new revolution in campsite mattresses.

Readers Tips: Camping Gadgets For The Campsite Kitchen

The Eco Log

This is a Latvian-inspired EcoGrill BBQ that can be used for cooking, heating and smoking food at the campsite. It’s compact, lightweight and made of sustainable alder with alder charcoal coals.

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Marshmallow Roasting Forks

These roasting forks are extendable to keep your kids at a comfortable distance from the fire and colour coded to avoid any arguments about which marshmallows belong to which happy camper. They are also capable of lifting a steak too, making it the perfect camping accessory for the campsite kitchen.

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Campfire Frying Pan

We’ve been using one of these for years and it never fails to be a talking point at the campsite. With a sturdy metal handle, stylish design and robust frying plate, this product is easy to use and clean making it perfect for the campfire.

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Collapsible Water Drinker

We’re fans of collapsible camping gadgets and this one doesn’t disappoint. It ticks all the boxes as it’s compact (folding down to just 2.5 cm), watertight, BPA free, taste and odour free and dishwasher safe.

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Biolite NanoGrid

A clever 4-in-1 system can be used as a lantern in the kitchen, a torch in the campsite, a power bank for your USB-charging gadgets, and a daisy-chain overhead lighting setup. Perfect!

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All-In-One Coffee Maker

For the coffee connoisseur, this coffee maker grinds the beans, brews the coffee and provides an all-in-one solution to getting a great cup of coffee at the campsite.

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Biolite Stove

We’re still massive fans of the Biolite Stove as it does a great job of cooking your meal and making a cuppa while also charging your smartphone. It’s truly one of the most innovative camping products we’ve seen. We think it’s right up there with solar technology! If you want to read in detail how it works, what we think of it and read a BioLite campstove review or the product specifications and exactly how it works you can do that here.

Biolite Stove An Essential Tool For The Campsite

The Power Pot

Similar to the Biolite Stove, but with slightly different tech, this power generator can be used on any heat source to cook food and charge gadgets with alternative energy at the same time. Take a look at our overview for more information.

PowerPot Power generator for camping at your campsite

Keyring Multi-Tool

Impress with this 20-inch 1 stainless steel multifunction tool, which is easy to use and portable for any camping trip. It’s engineered in black-coated 4420-grade stainless steel with a gold titanium-coated stainless steel tool disc. Some of the tools include a razor-sharp cutting blade, a large flat screwdriver, an 8/10/12/14 mm spanner/wrench, a bicycle spoke wrench and a measuring ruler.

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Readers Tips: Camping Gadgets For Health And Beauty

Water UV Purifying Bottle

This neat personal drinking bottle works quickly and is useful for any holiday where tap water is questionable. It removes 99.99% of bacteria using a UV system, which takes 60 seconds to make it safe to drink.

water purifyer bottle

Camping Solar Pressure Shower

This is something perfect for wild camping without showers or when you need a wash-off at the beach after a dip in the sea. Because it’s black, if you fill it up with water in the morning and leave it in the sun, then by the evening the water will be warm. You step on the foot pump, press the trigger and have a lovely warm shower.

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What camping gadget would you recommend? We’d love to hear about it.

Inspired Camping!

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