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The PowerPot For Earth Friendly Camping With Renewable Energy

PowerPot Power generator for camping at your campsite

The PowerPot is a new power generator available to buy which we can use on any heat source to cook our food and charge our gadgets with alternative energy at the same time.

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An assortment of alternative energy chargers is growing to deal with the shortcomings of the devices we love to use, and their reliability on power to make them work.

Batteries are no longer up to the job, especially if we are away from home for a length of time and hanging out at our favourite campsite. We’ve reported on the amazing new camping stove power generator, the BioLite Stove and now the PowerPot has come to join the party.

The PowerPot needs a heat source and this can be a camping stove, open fire, hot metal in the sun, or even a natural hot spring. What’s important is that the liquid inside the pot is colder than the heat source it’s placed upon as it’s the temperature difference that’s used to generate the alternative energy. It uses the heat from your cooking to generate thermoelectric power which can power up to 3 USB devices at a time.

UPDATE: The PowerPot is now available on Amazon

The kit includes a voltage regulator and vessel with a cable coming out of the side, which users will obviously have to be careful not to damage by the heat source.

The PowerPot has the potential to make a big impact within the camping industry, but users should also think about what they can do with it when they’re not camping. For example, if you love to light an open fire in your back garden or have a woodburner at home, now you can use that activity to charge your gadgets at the same time, potentially allowing you to save money on your household bills as well as giving you a convenient power source when you’re camping.

Lets face it, you’ll also feel great about generating all of that green energy while you’re taking part in activities that are a regular part of your day… and think about the conversations you can have about it at the campsite!

Power Practical, which invented the PowerPot, intends for there to be more uses for their product than just with camping. Their aim is to provide a power source for people in developing countries who can not access it as regularly as we can. For example in Africa there are 200 million + mobile phone users living off-grid with no electricity in their homes. Instead they have to walk a great distance to simply charge their phones.

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Picture Credits: PowerPot

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