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Gift Ideas For Camping Lovers

gift ideas for camping lovers

Okay… what exactly do you buy for camping enthusiasts? Do you have any clever ideas? We thought we would help to inspire you in return by giving our quick run down of gift ideas for camping lovers.

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Biolite Stove

This is still our favourite camping stove, which we adore. In fact it has been the camping tool of the year for us as we love its sleek design, ease of use, the fact it’s light weight, charges your gadgets as you use it on the trail, which is perfect for fans of hiking, and is fast becoming the chosen item for a family survival pack for basic camping.


The PowerPot needs a heat source and this can be a camping stove, open fire, hot metal in the sun, or even a natural hot spring. What’s important is that the liquid inside the pot is colder than the heat source it’s placed upon as it’s the temperature difference that’s used to generate the alternative energy. It uses the heat from your cooking to generate thermoelectric power which can power up to 3 USB devices at a time.

The Eco Grill

The perfect glamping accessory, this makes cooking at the campsite (or glampsite) a thing of spectacle and conversation. Made from alder wood and filled with alder charcoals, its rustic design adds authenticity and a delicious smoky aroma to the food. Cooking alfresco with a disposable barbecue has become a lot more exciting and definitely more environmentally friendly as  its completely biodegradable, light and compact and ignites within 20 minutes.

Wearable Sleeping Bags!

Lightweight sleeping bags that fold up into an anorak? Yep, they really do exist! They are a trend coming out of Japan and could be ideal for those who like their Camping Cars or festivals. We think anything goes, as long as it gets you outside.

Interesting Books

We haven’t had any major books launched into the camping arena recently, however, there are a few books we would currently recommend. Take a look at Amazing Spaces, full of inspirations about quirky builds and a number of camping and glamping projects, and Martin Dorey’s books, which have been around for a while but still don’t fail to disappoint to inject a bit of camping inspiration at Christmas or any other time.

gift ideas for glamping lovers

Sugru – Self Setting Rubber

An ideal gift for the DIY camper in the house. This will get their imagination running wild about what they could use this product for so its a great stocking filler. It forms like play dough, bonds to almost anything and transforms into rubber overnight. It can even be formed into a range or colours to suit you, so I can even see it being used to patch holes or organise items in caravans, campervans and tents.

Utility Tools

All camping enthusiasts love stainless steel utility tools, and this company ‘True Utility’ does not fail to deliver on this one. They have a huge range to choose from, which make perfect stocking fillers and might just help you out of a sticky situation the next time you visit the campsite.

Woolrich Multi-Tool

For those who love to go analogue instead of using digital apps this multi tool serves as a compass, watch, multi-tool with 2″ fold out stainless steel knife, scissors and LED flashlight. It attaches to your backpack, belt or campervan key ring, is water-resistant to 100′ and looks great!

The Lazy Camper

If you have a lazy camper in the family, or a bit of a novice camper, who might be thinking of visiting a festival in 2014, you might want to think about this collection of items. It offers a complete camping solution just right for getting a lazy camper out the door.

Solar Powered Camping

For the eco camper, there are more products coming onto the market every year. So if its a solar powered backpack, wind up radio or other environmentally friendly product, you can be sure to find something for your happy camper with a conscience.

Pivothead HD Video Sunglasses

Deluxe Camping Gadgets

These sunglasses look stylish and sporty, but its the added extra that will really get you excited. They record HD video and crisp audio wherever you wonder and whatever you do.

They are particularly good for capturing footage of all kinds of action sports as they are very lightweight at only 75 g and come in loads of stylish colours and shapes. Perfect for an active camping adventure.

Camping Beauty Pack

When we visit the campsite we like to take a few beauty products with us to keep us smelling and looking fresh. So why not create your own personally selected beauty pack for a gift? It could include items such as the towel-off strawberry shampoo Zerreau that will make you smell good enough to eat even if you haven’t washed your hair for days, and the absolutely essential organic and biodegradable wet wipes.

So do you have any great gift ideas for camping lovers? We’d love to hear them.

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