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Camping Stargazing Guide: Tips for the Campsite

camping stargazing guide for the campsite

Have you always wanted to get a bit more involved in stargazing when visiting the campsite? Maybe you have a son or daughter who is getting quite keen on the hobby. If so, we have put together an easy stargazing guide for you to use the next time you go camping.

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We’ve included our top tips on stargazing success, recommended stargazing Apps, the best stargazing events and the lowdown on telescopes available; from the ‘everyman’ to ‘money’s no object’!

Top Tips On Getting The Best View Of The Stars

  • Let your eyes adjust: Our modern-day eyes are too used to being surrounded by computer screens, phone displays and spotlights. Give them time to relax and adjust to a dark sky by arriving in your chosen spot 15-20 minutes before you intend to start stargazing.
  • Prepare to stare: It’s often colder than you think at night. Make sure you dress for the climate by wearing an extra layer. A blanket will give you an essential barrier between your body and the cold ground. Also, be sure to have a blanket or a chair to lie back on so you are comfortable while looking at the stars.
  • Go rural: To have a truly amazing star gazing experience, you need to get into the country and away from all those city lights. If you can’t do this, however, you can still improve your experience by switching off as many lights as you can. If you want to use an app to help you stargaze (see below) make sure the brightness settings on your gadgets are turned right down.
  • Consider getting a Sky Map: A sky map will help you know where to look, and what to look for! (read on for recommended sky map apps and make sure you turn the brightness settings down!)
  • Don’t spend money on expensive equipment: Unless you are taking up stargazing as a long-term hobby, you needn’t spend money on telescopes or expensive gadgets. You’ll be amazed at the amount of wonderful stars you will see by lying back and just using your eyes.
  • Dress Appropriately: Be prepared for cooler night temperatures wrap up warm and bring along a cozy blanket or a chair for comfort.

camping stargazing guide

Need a Sky Map?

Check out the apps below; all get great reviews for stellar stargazing.

Camping Stargazing Guide And Events You Don’t Want To Miss

Meteor showers and a camping stargazing guide for shooting stars:

  1. Quadrantids: not as easy to see as other showers as the peak of this show is only a few hours long.
  2. Lunar eclipse: will only be seen from the edge of the Pacific Ocean.
  3. Lyrids: lasting for about 10 days with its peak about the 22nd, this show is better for beginners.
  4. Eta Aquarids: with consideration of the brightness of the moon, this show will be best seen between these dates.
  5. Venus and Jupiter: these two bright planets will seem to be strikingly close together (only half the width of the moon)
  6. Planet Venus: see this vast planet as it heads back towards the sun.
  7. Delta Aquarids: lasting for approximately one month, but peaking on these dates, this is a great mid-summer show for every camping event.
  8. Perseids: August considering the position of the moon, the best time to watch this show will be just after midnight on these dates.
  9. Planetary Conjunctions: Enjoy unique viewing experiences as planets appear close together in the night sky, visible from picturesque locations

Find more information on how and where to view these meteor showers at Wikipedia.

The Best Telescopes

If you love to stargaze and are taking it up as a hobby, it’s a good idea to invest in a telescope. Below all come highly recommended, and as you can see, are affordable to a range of budgets.

Celestron NexStar 6SE: Ideal for beginners and intermediate stargazers, offering easy setup and impressive views.

Orion SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian Telescope: Perfect for those ready to take their stargazing to the next level with a larger aperture and enhanced performance.

Meade Instruments StarNavigator NG 130mm: A user-friendly telescope suitable for families and beginners, featuring computerized navigation for effortless exploration.

Whether you’re exploring the sandy beaches, lush countryside or mountainside campsites, there are always exciting opportunities to gaze at the stars and you and your friends will never forget it. So make sure you keep our camping stargazing guide handy for any opportunity you get to be out in nature and start planning your next camping summer activities.

Happy Camping Stargazing!

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