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6 Things You Need on a Backpacking Trip

backpacking trip

Summer is just around the corner and the mountain trail is calling your name. There is nothing more rewarding than trekking across the open wilderness—whether it be by yourself or with a group of friends. Backpacking has become incredibly popular with adults of all ages who are looking to get out into the world and find their adventure. If you’ve caught the backpacking bug and you’re ready to hit the open trail, here are the essential items you will need to bring with you.

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A Backpack

It’s no surprise that the first thing you’re going to need is a backpack. This will be your most important—and most costly—item. There are plenty of items you might need that can be substituted for a cheaper option; this is not one of them. Make sure that the backpack you purchase fits your body type and the maximum weight you can carry. Try filling your backpack with random items that you might bring and test it out on a local trail. If it doesn’t suit your liking, return it and get a new one that fits correctly.


Survival Tools

Far too often, adventurers don’t provide themselves with the tools they need for a survival situation. As much as we would all like to believe that everything is going to go according to plan on our trips, sometimes accidents happen. Being prepared for a survival situation doesn’t just mean you should pack a first aid kit; it’s having all the tools you need for whatever Mother Nature throws your way. One way to stay prepared is to purchase an all-in-one survival backpack that includes everything you could possibly need to get through your journey. These bags will save you time and money while preparing for your trip—and potentially your life!


Weather can be fickle, no matter where you plan on taking a trip. Layering is the best way to stay comfortable and prepared for whatever climate comes your way. Long sleeve thermals and athletic shirts are always a plus. You want to have plenty of breathable material as your body heats up from carrying your pack. Products like Under Armour are made of the kind of charged cotton material that you want to use for all of your backpacking adventures. Not only will it adapt to your changing body temperature and the weather, but it can also prevent chafing from your backpack on your collarbone.


Some backpackers swear that you should only ever use hiking boots for your backpacking trips. The truth is that you can go with either one depending on your particular journey. Yes, hiking boots are going to work for any climate and keep your feet protected throughout the entire trek. However, those big, hot, and heavy hiking boots aren’t going to do you much justice going through South East Asia in the warmer months. There are plenty of high-quality hiking shoes on the market that will not only protect your feet but allow them to breathe and prevent athlete’s foot or fungus build-up.

Travel Pouch

A small travel pouch that can store all of your money, banking cards, and identification isn’t just for tourist trips to Europe. Typically, these are used to prevent theft in foreign countries but they can be a great way to save space in your backpack and keep those important items safe. Many of these protective travel pouches are waterproof (if your journey takes you through precipitous areas).

Small String Bag or Backpack.

Depending on what kind of trip you plan on taking, there may be days where you go into town or leave your heavy backpack behind. Check your heavy backpack into a locker at a train station and pack a smaller bag with a jacket, sunscreen, water, and other essential items for the day. It might seem like a luxury but you will be relieved to not have to carry the entire contents of your bag for a quick hike on a side trail or a day on the lake in a small town.

Incorporate these backpacking essentials into trip planning and your life-changing experience is sure to be a success!

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