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5 Aspects to keep in Mind While Choosing a Camping Knife

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Are you ready for your camping trip? Yes? Well good for you! Hopefully you have packed a high-quality knife in the backpack! You haven’t? Oops, that is a huge mistake! Without a knife, basic tasks like preparing firewood can be difficult. But don’t worry as you still have time to find a knife that’s high quality and perfect for your camping trip.

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Do you have any idea how to find a good camping knife? Although experts at the stores can help you find your perfect camping knife, it is a good idea to have some knowledge about what aspects of a knife you should pay attention to.

How to Choose the Perfect Knife for your Camping Trip

Excited for your camping trip, but you will need to carry various supplies. One of the most essential tools is a knife. If you get stuck in the wild, a good knife can be the ally that helps you survive against the odds. It is natural to get confused with so many options and varieties. Well, no need to look lost (literally)! Here are some aspects that can help you decide on the right knife for you…

Multi-tool or Knife

Many people like carrying a multi-tool, which has numerous contraptions along with the knife, like a bottle opener. Now, this might seem a good idea, but the knife’s strength is lost in the plethora of tools installed in a single tool. It can cut a rope, but not wood, so it is always a better idea to carry a strong knife with fewer functions.

Blade Type

On a camping trip, do you need the tactical advantage? Most probably no! So, why go looking for folding blades? On a camping trip, you need a knife that has a strong blade and that’s it. So, buy a knife that has a full tang and a strong blade capable of doing the tasks you want it to.

Blade Material

You can go for stainless steel or Damascus steel blades, each has its fair share of pros and cons. If you go for stainless steel you have a durable blade that does not rust easily; but, is difficult to sharpen. Damascus steel blades, on the other hand, stay sharper for a longer time and are easier to sharpen. It might become rusted, if not cared for properly! So, just wipe the blade clean after each use, and it should last some time.

Blade Size

A huge blade cannot perform precision tasks and a small blade cannot perform tough tasks like wood cutting. So, it is advisable to carry a knife that has a medium sized blade. It will help you with all kinds of jobs. The other option is carrying two knives of different blade size.

Knife Weight

It is a camping trip, so you may have to carry your entire kit in a backpack. A huge blade that weighs a ton will be difficult to carry around. Try to find a knife that is of good thickness and has a strong blade, but isn’t too heavy. It might be a bit of extra weight but it will help you in difficult conditions to build a shelter and start a fire.

Now, you are sorted to find a perfect knife for your trip. Contact a reputed store for your camping knife in the UK. Talk to their team of experts to find the knife that fits all of your needs.

Once you do find the perfect knife, get ready to enjoy a camping trip that will be memorable. The knife can be your trusted ally wherever you end up.

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