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How To Select The Best Camping Chair in 2019

how to select the best camping chair

What features do you need to look for and how do you select the best camping chair for your next trip to the campsite?

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When we set off for the campsite we are known for wanting a bit of extra camping luxury, regardless of the extra weight. For us, comfort and relaxation feature at the top of our list of priorities, otherwise it’s not really a holiday. That’s the reason we like glamping so much.

So having the right camping chair is vital. Without it, our time at the campsite would be restless, uncomfortable and cold, and that’s something we definitely don’t want. But what exactly should we pay attention to when selecting the best camping chair for our family camping trips?

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How To Select The Best Camping Chair

To select the best camping chair for you, all you need to do is use our checklist of tips below to make sure:

  • It is supportive to your posture, padded and doesn’t sag
  • It is upright and has the flexibility of also being reclined
  • Can be folded flat and is easily packed away with the rest of your camping gear
  • It is equally comfortable for a tall or shorter person
  • Is strong but doesn’t weigh too much so it can be carried easily
  • Is made of robust materials that do not corrode, stain, rot, go mouldy or get dirty quickly
  • Has a strong enough structure that will cope with being thrown around and stored in the shed
  • Looks good enough to be used as a garden chair at home as well as at the campsite, and
  • Is adaptable enough to be used on the beach, sitting at a table, reading a book, relaxing by the campfire or sunbathing.

You can add to our checklist by making suggestions in the comments box below.

We had an opportunity to put a camping chair to the test when PRIMA asked us to give one of their Outwell chairs the once over and it did really well when we applied the checklist above.

PRIMA has multiple outlets across the UK at service stations and caravan dealerships, which makes it easy to access some of their cool and unique products for campers (with next day delivery as a bonus). Their range includes BBQs, bamboo tables and dinner sets, collapsible cookware and much more to help your next trip to the campsite be your best yet. However, if you’re trapped in the city, don’t fret as you can take a look at their flagship shop in Bristol.

The Outwell chair was surprisingly comfortable and folding it down and carrying it was easy to do. In fact, it is so comfortable – with the padded seat covers, adjustable headrest and reclining features – that I now rarely get to use it as I always find someone else sitting in it!

Maybe I should add to the checklist that when you find your perfect camping chair, always make sure you buy more than one!

Do you have a camping chair recommendation? Be sure to share it in the comments below.

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