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5 Reasons To Go Glamping This Weekend

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Why should you trade in a traditional camping experience for a new chic glamping adventure? This article breaks down the essentials of glamping and why it has become so popular in recent years.

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5 Reasons to Go Glamping This Weekend

Traditional camping doesn’t appeal to everyone. Spending a night in a tent, preparing food on an open fire, not having a shower for days, annoying insects and dangers in the wilderness (in certain countries) such as wild animals, don’t suit everyone. It’s a rugged experience and can be challenging for someone who spends most of their time in urban areas. But what to do when the ‘adventure time’ call is just too loud to ignore but you can’t bear to be away from your luxuries?

Glamping is the answer. Coined in Great Britain, the term literally means “glamorous camping”. It brings all the amenities of modern-day life straight to your tent, yurt, cabin or teepee. Camping in the 21st century, that’s what it is, with Wi-Fi, flat TV screens, exquisite cuisine, massage sessions and SPA treatments. This is perhaps the perfect gateway vacation option for a person who is tired of living in a big city and wants to spend holidays or weekends comfortably outdoors. Here are 5 reasons why glamping is your best option.

You’re Close to Nature

Glamping venues are available all over the world, from the desolate beaches of Brazil to exclusive Scottish meadows. All you have to do is make a booking and show up. Watch the midnight sky in a comfortable king-sized bed, enjoy stargazing free from the necessity of having to hammer tent pegs or do any of the usual camping jobs. While glamping, it is done for you. You can even go hiking and return hours afterwards to take a warm bath and have a glorious meal.

Glamping takes away all the routine and chores of classic camping while allowing you to be as close to nature as possible. More fresh air, more leisure and less hassle, that’s what glamping is all about. Plus, camping with glamour lets you visit places where traditional hotels can’t be located.

You Feel Cozy and Relaxed

Immersion into nature is immense. Relaxation is your main focus, while the venue staff takes care of foods and active rest. Visit the SPA for a massage session or go hiking, learn surfing, try sculpting or painting, etc. If you want to just relax then watch TV, write the best UK essay for your admissions, practice your writing skills or play some board games.

You won’t need to bring a tent, sleeping bag or cooking equipment as everything will be provided for you. So if you want to explore further afield, just pack a suitcase, book a flight and delve into a completely different type of culture and atmosphere while glamping worldwide.

You Don’t Need Any Special Training or Surviving Skills

Going all out Bear Grills style? When camping requires at least a basic scout training, like how to start a fire, how to tell where’s the North, how to navigate by stars, how to react to wild animals or build an outdoor kitchen, glamping is free from this hassle. The bed has already been made, dinner served and a helpful glamping site owner is ready to cater for all your needs. It’s glamorous camping indeed.

You Don’t Have to Rob a Bank!

Glamping in another country might be costly if you consider the airfare, but Great Britain offers a plethora of stunning spots for glamorous camping. Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, England – every country has glamping venues to fit any pocket. Budget-friendly glamping? No problem, as most sites are – hold your breath – actually cheaper than any hotel stay even though the facilities are often better! Today, glamping is affordable for anyone, even students!

It’s An Eco-Friendly Adventure

Many things are made eco and organic these days and glamping is no exception. Food served is often prepared from organic ingredients, while yurts and other modes of glamping are constructed from locally sourced and eco-friendly materials. Your cabin in the middle of the forest also allows you to really take part in observing nature at its best while having a great time camping and anything that allows us to do that will encourage us to protect it even more.

By Katie White

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