Camping Car Sleeping Bag

camping car sleeping bag

What do you do if you find yourself in need of a new camping car sleeping bag? What are the options and what advice do you need to consider when thinking about what to buy?

As regular readers of Inspired Camping will know. We’re in the middle of a big change in our camping activities. You could call it a bit of a camping crisis, as at the moment we can’t actually go camping. Let me explain.

We sold our beloved campervan, which resulted in us also losing our sleeping arrangements, camping kitchen, washroom and transport. This means we need to start from the beginning and sort out our kit in time for our summer holiday. Oh yes, and did I mention we’re on a budget?

So in an attempt to get back on the camping track again as quickly as possible, we’ve made a list of things we need to organise. The first thing on the list is to sort out our transport. After many brilliant suggestions from readers we are in the middle of researching our options for a camping car. This is still work in progress and I will report on all the suggestions we’ve had and the results of my research in a future article for others with the same dilemma as us.

The next thing on our list is to make the sleeping arrangements. We prefer comfort over traveling light so we are looking for a good budget option for a camping car sleeping bag. So we took some of our own top tips and advice about choosing the right sleeping bag.

As we are on a budget and only intend to use them in the warmer months, we decided on a season 2 (late spring to early autumn). We were also looking for something of good quality and under £25 / $39 and we found what we were looking for in tents and camping gear from Sports Direct.

camping car


They pack down really well and we particularly chose them because of their shape (a generous 80 cm by 220 cm). We like a bit of freedom when we sleep so we opted for the wider bag, rather than the mummy shaped one, which includes a hood for extra warmth.

The material is non-friction (making it easier to move around) and silent, which leaves only the children and other campers to wake us up during the night.

It has single layer construction and hollow fibre filling, which is really warm. It’s a season 2 so it only has a +4 degrees Celsius comfort rating, but as my children won’t let me go camping when its colder than that this is perfect for us. So far the zip has shown itself to be sturdy and strong, but time will tell on that one.

So the next thing on the list is to decide what we are going to sleep on. We’ve already decided as a family we don’t want to use air beds or thin mats, so we’re investigating what other options there are.

Do you have any suggestions about what our sleeping base/mattress solution might be?

Looking forward to hearing your ideas.


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