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Camping Car

camping car

Yes, it does say Camping Car it isn’t a mistake and no, I don’t mean campervan, caravan or tent. So are you curious?

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Actually, this is a plea for help, but first let me explain.

Regrettably, with tears in our eyes and to the sound of hearts breaking we had to sell our beloved retro campervan. She was a beauty and featured in many of our key camping expeditions with our kids.

I actually cried when I handed the keys over to the new owner. Yup, I blubbed like a baby!

So why did we sell her?

The reasons are too complicated to explain, so let me just say we’ve been tackling the issue for the past couple of years and finally had to deal with it. Unfortunately our camper van no longer fitted in with our daily life and overall we weren’t using it enough to warrant the money we were spending on it. As with all vintage campers they can become expensive.

Come on! I know that I’m not the only one who’s had to sell their camper van because it costs too much and sits on the drive for a large chunk of the year. So it got me thinking about what the options might be.

One of the keys to the success of the VW camper is that it’s not much bigger than a car and it’s definitely much smaller than an RV, resulting in owners being able to use it in their daily life as well as leisure time with equal success. Then I started to wonder if there were vehicles out there that could be classified as a camping car that we weren’t aware of.

We would classify a camping car as a car sized vehicle, which can be used happily throughout the working week with no extra expense in terms of fuel or inconvenience to daily activities, but can be adapted into a recreational vehicle at the weekends. Is there such a vehicle?

Aussie campers have some great kits available, such as off-road trailer tents and roof tents to add to existing vehicles already owned. In the UK we also like to use trailer tents and caravans, but what else is out there? What vehicle could a family invest in? Simply put, what choices were there for those who may want a camping car?

camping car

What do you think I came up with?

Well it starts with a ‘y’ and ends with a ‘u’..

Yep, you’ve got it..  YOU!

I want to know what you would consider to be the perfect camping car, or equivalent. What vehicle and  associated kit would you buy if you were on a typically tight family budget?

Would you buy…

  • A particular car with an attachable tent or awning?
  • An off-road vehicle with a tent on the roof?
  • A trailer tent attached to a particular vehicle?
  • A 4 by 4 with a removable living space?
  • Etc, etc….

Give your ideas in the comments box (below) or get in touch, and inspire us and others to get back on the camping road as soon as possible. We will share your suggestions in a future article for others who may have a similar dilemma.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing your ideas!


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Picture Credits: Allan McDonald EQUIPnTRIP

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