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Camping Trends: Cool Caravans Of The Future

cool caravans of the future

We like to keep our fingers on the pulse of camping trends, new and past, whether they are simply concepts that have never left the design studio, or real ideas that have been signed, sealed and delivered. So for your reading pleasure here is a small compilation of cool caravans of the future to help inspire you for your next camping trip.

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Aquatic Caravan

Have you ever gone fishing or boating while camping? Well the ‘Aquatic Caravan’ allows you to do both at the same time. It has a four-wheeled concept boat trailer with a living area. It is a simple yet stylish caravan for lovers of water sports and activities.

camping trends

Sealander Caravan

A waterproof chassis and living area makes the ‘Sealander’ swimming caravan another ideal choice for those who like splashing around in the river while camping. It is modern and effective with a multitude of uses and quite happy in both shallow and deep water.

sealander caravan


Caravisio – Caravan of the future

A German company ‘Knaus Tabbert’ have designed ‘Caravisio’, which uses curves to create a sense of openness  and high technology and energy efficiency features to make a really modern space.

carivisio caravan camping trend

Geometric Caravan

This modern caravan has a complex geometry to its structure, which can be designed for each individual depending on their needs. In fact the designers ‘Merhzeller’ use a team of people to make sure their customers get a bespoke experience and any accessory they desire.

geometric caravan

cool caravans of the future

Campervan caravan car – camping car!

Large campervans and RVs are great if the roads are large and fast flowing, but what happens after you’ve pitched up at your campsite and simply want to nip to the shops for some supplies. This variant concept recreational vehicle has the answer by allowing you to detach the front, which then becomes a smaller car in its own right. We think it’s a great RV, er… campervan, er… caravan, er… car, er… camping car!?

This design challenge was tackled by ‘Christian Susana’.

camping car

Caravan with awning – Markies

Created by Dutch designer ‘Eduard Bohtlingk’ is the Dutch designer of this caravan, also known as ‘The Awning’. It was originally designed as a small caravan, but as soon as it arrives at the campsite it can be increased in size by two thirds in seconds. the name of this classic award-winner means ‘The Awning’ – a fitting description of the fold-down mechanism at the heart of its ingenuity.


camping trends

cool caravans of the future

Camping Pods

These pods ware designed by ‘David Tonkinson’ to be easy to move in small spaces. This makes them particularly useful when negotiating built up areas and small country lanes. Overall, however, these pods were designed to appeal to design and fashion conscious city goers.

caravan trends cool caravans

Camping Kabe

This ‘two storey caravan’ will certainly be the king of the campsite, so as long as you’re a confident tower you’ll  be able to vacation in style and luxury and take full advantage of this camping trend.

caravan trends camping trends camping kabe

Cricker Trailer

A sleek, modern and yet basic ‘trailer’ to appeal to active campers who want to stay outside mountain biking and hiking rather than inside their trailer in luxury.

camping trends

Opera Trailer Tent

This foldable trailer tent has been designed in the style of the Sydney Opera House. It’s sleek, elegant and compact, and when it has been converted to full size it offers a full-scale living area.

opera trailer tent

Happy Glamping!

Sarah – Founder of Inspired Camping

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