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Is It Possible To Start A Glamping Business Without Giving Up Your Full Time Job? #23

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Glamping Business Start-Up Advice. These are the show notes of episode #023 of the podcast ‘The Business of Glamping and Unique Holiday Rentals’ with Sarah Riley from Inspired Camping and Inspired Courses. In this episode, Sarah interviews Dina Hevert from Windwood Ranch, Paso Robles, California.

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Dina Hevert Windwood Ranch

Sarah asks Dina if it’s possible to start a glamping business 3 hours away from home while continuing with a full-time job and starting a family.

All of us are at risk of putting barriers in the way of getting stuff done. We procrastinate and focus on timewasting tasks, that although they are important they will not help us make the progress we need or attract the changes we desire. We often fail to ask for help when we need it and don’t invest time and energy in those who can help support our efforts.

This is essential listening for anyone struggling with this barrier, by learning the strategies Dina has used to get the job done.

As an additional note, we are really happy to announce that Dina and her husband welcomed the newest member of the Windwood Ranch family, Ty, shortly after this episode was recorded.

Congratulations Dina!

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If you have something inspiring to offer the world of Glamping and Unique Holiday Rentals then get in touch with Sarah Riley and share it on the Podcast. For more information contact Sarah through her website here.

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