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Glamping At The Wilderness Festival

Glamping, Wilderness Festival

Would you be happy to camp in an 800 year old deer park surrounded by lakes and 1700 acres of ancient forest? You would? Well it’s entirely possible… if you decide to attend the Wilderness Festival on 10-12 August 2012 at Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire.

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This festival isn’t like all the rest… this is something quite different as it’s a bit like stepping into the Midsummer Night’s Dream.

At this magical affair there will be a Midnight Masked Ball, secret garden parties, open fires, candle light, outdoor live music, inspiring talks, theatre and arts, debates, discussions, spiritualised experiences, food providence and late night parties. There’s even a lakeside spa that includes hot tubs, massages, saunas, wild swimming, meditation, yoga and Tai Chi.

If this isn’t quite your thing however, they also offer a very interesting list of outdoor pursuits, such as horse riding, fly fishing, boating, woodland walks and bushcraft skills. So you can go with your friends down to the lake for a swim in the sunshine, recline on a gondola and watch the summer’s sky drift by, master the gentle art of fly-fishing, or just observe with a picnic from the water’s edge.

There’s no doubt this is a stunning swathe of artistic experiences intertwined within a unique landscape, and if you’re interested they even let you camp there, either under your own steam or by offering boutique luxury camping.

So if you like the idea of getting involved in banquets under canopies, tented talks, midnight masked balls and barefoot dancing then you’d better visit the Wilderness…

Happy Glamping!

Sarah – Founder of Inspired Camping

Picture Credits: Wilderness Festival

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