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Top 10 Ultimate Glamping Essentials

glamping essentials

If you are thinking of developing a new glamping business, or are about to embark on a luxury boutique camping experience of your own, here are our top 10 ultimate glamping essentials we think you should expect to find. There are also some excellent DIY glamping tricks and suggestions you can use to give your trip some unique and personalised pizzazz.

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So depending on if you are building your own personal glamping experience or a glamping business others can enjoy, this list will help inspire you to provide the best glamping essentials. This is a quick summary and a full description of each item is included below.

  1. A Real Bed

  2. Luxury Bedding

  3. Glorious Lighting

  4. A Bathroom

  5. A Hot Tub or Outdoor Bath

  6. Luxury Food Items

  7. Delicious Drinks

  8. Glamping Inspirations

  9. Building A Fire

  10. Unique Extras

Full Description:

A Real Bed

You will know when you’re glamping as you will have a real bed with a comfortable mattress and maybe even a goose-down topper. Sleeping outside will never feel the same again with this glamping essential. However, if it has to be an air bed then there are lots to choose from, like one of these.

Luxury Bedding

If you want to truly experience glamping outside, then you must have the best bedding to ensure you are comfortable throughout your stay. This should include a duvet for all seasons, a quilted cotton bedspread for extra warmth if needed, luxury pillows, bed linen of high thread cotton or the ultimate indulgence… silk.

Glorious Lighting

Lanterns and fairy lights are what make a glamping experience gorgeous, romantic and unforgettable at night. Many of these can be solar-powered, helping to make glampers earth-friendly eco warriors while they indulge in the luxury of this stay outdoors.

A Bathroom

Typically your own bathroom is expected when staying at a hotel, but it is often seen as a luxury on a camping trip. This is why a bathroom will be provided on an ultimate glamping trip, and it will include beautifully smelling bathroom products, soaps and moisturisers to help you feel like a millionaire while you’re outside.

A Hot Tub or Outdoor Bath

The ultimate glamping experience will have one of these in the open air to give its happy glamper user a boutique star gazing experience they’ll never forget.

Luxury Food Items

Forget dry sandwiches, cheese and crackers! Your ultimate glamping experience will have a basket of goodies you’ll never forget. Hand-caught local fish, organic vegetables, tropical fruits and prime steak, ready to be washed down by full-bodied reds, crisp whites, Champagne and cocktails.

Delicious Drinks

The ultimate glamping trip will have a fully stocked drinks cabinet, and the ability to make as many cocktails as you can drink. Here are a few of our own camping cocktail suggestions for you to consider before your trip. And to keep those cocktails (or other beverage of choice!) properly chilled during transport, check out a couple of top options here. We love these designs and their BPA-free credentials.

Glamping Inspirations

If being outdoors isn’t your thing, and you’re just trying out glamping to see what all the fuss is about, then you’ll need a bit of inspiration about what to do on your trip. Many of these activities should be available in abundance on your trip, together with your glamping essentials.

Building A Fire

Glamping, just like traditional camping, must provide the ability to make a fire in either a fire pit or Woodburner. This meets one of our fundamental prehistoric needs to hunt, gather and cook… even if we are smoothing the edges of roughing it at the same time.

Many Extras Unique To You

These are the things you don’t actually need, but you definitely want as they make your glamping experience more opulent and… well… more of an experience. Typically you wouldn’t pack any of this for your own camping trip, and that is exactly what makes glamping so special. Extras include unique items relating to your own personality or glamping business location, throws and cushions, muslin curtains, floral incense sticks, bunting, fluffy towels, eye masks and ear plugs for the ultimate night’s sleep.

Get in touch and let us know what your ultimate glamping essentials are, when you’re planning your next trip, or if you have a glamping business project in mind, join our exclusive Start Up And Grow Club by clicking the image below.

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