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How To Put Some DIY Glamping Pizzazz Into Your Next Camping Trip

DIY Glamping

For those of you who don’t know… glamping is the new way to get outside with a bit more comfort. It combines the fun of camping with luxuries of a 5-star hotel. It also makes the experience of camping much easier and enjoyable, which is why even in bad weather, glamping businesses report up to 100% occupancy rates.

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However, what do you do if you simply want to inject a bit of luxury, comfort and glamour into your camping holiday without the cost? Well, here’s our summary of what you could use to get it right, even if you’re DIY glamping on a budget… just remember to make a checklist so you don’t forget anything and pack a large tent to fit all the accessories and glamping essentials in!

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How To Go DIY Glamping

The key to getting this right is to think outside-the-box. The magic of a DIY glamping event is just as much about the uniqueness as it is about the magical experience itself. Your guests will remember you for it and you will enjoy showing off your DIY styling skills in the great outdoors.

Think About Your Accommodation

This is important to get right and can get you a lot of attention at the glampsite so putting effort into this really helps you build the uniqueness of your occasion and how much your guests will remember it.


If you are in need of a new tent, then look for something special and unique. Alternatively, hire something temporarily, which can be pre-pitched for you by someone else to make your trip even easier. You could also invest in a family tent you can pitch on site in seconds, leaving you plenty of time to put your feet up with a glass of wine!


If owning a camper van doesn’t fit into your lifestyle, try hiring one instead. Focus on the cool and retro to get some vintage camping glamour into your trip.



There is a lot to be said about glamping in a caravan. Everything stays on board until you are ready to leave for the campsite. Just hitch up and go whenever the mood takes you, with little preparation needed. Getting a vintage caravan and upcycling it with your own style can be both environmentally friendly and enjoyably creative, but make sure you purchase carefully. Here are our tips for buying a cheap vintage caravan. Also, if you aren’t confident about towing and reversing a caravan as you should be, we have some tips to help.

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Try something a bit different

The key to getting this right is doing something a bit different and injecting a bit of magic into a simpler affair with beautiful lighting, luxurious bedding and unique food and drink.

If your budget is bigger than most, you might like to try out some of the more luxurious DIY glamping trailer alternatives. However, if that doesn’t suit you then you can build your own.


Putting effort into getting your lighting right can really add magic to the experience you are trying to create. There are a number of ways you can get this right.


Outside, mark the boundary of your campsite with candles in glass containers for safety.

Fairy Lights

If you want to have atmospheric lights inside the tent then battery or solar-powered fairy lights are great for setting the mood. Place these in interesting jars to illuminate spaces with a bit of retro-cool.

Garden Lights

Solar-powered garden lights are perfect for lighting up your campfire songs or lighting the way for a late-night dash to the bathroom. They are also great when camping off-grid or if you are being mindful of your impact on the environment.

Food And Drink

Simple one-pot-wonders and unique drinks are special if the experience of making them is fun and everyone can join in. This makes it even more fun for the cook who isn’t left doing all the work.

Cheeky Cocktails

It is incredibly easy to whizz up a cheeky campsite cocktail for friends, and always makes an occasion special. Try out some of our recipes to help get the party started.

Chai Tea brews

If you take our chai tea recipe with you to your glampsite, we can guarantee it will bring with it a bit of luxury, spice magic and adventure to your trip.

Simple yet unforgettable meals that are a bit different

Make sure you plan your meals before you go and take a shopping list with you to help keep your trip as easy as possible. Try our simple campfire meals or check out this family camping cookbook that does all the hard work for you.

Think about the presentation of the area

If you have a cake, put it on a cake stand, and if you are serving tea, make sure it’s in vintage teacups. These are items that can easily be purchased from the local thrift shop, but with the right mix of eclectic designs, they will give your trip the creative input you crave and make it that little bit special.


To make your DIY Glamping experience memorable, pay special attention to the bedroom areas. They should be luxuriously comfortable and warm, at any time of the year.


An all seasons 13.5 luxury Hungarian duvet is the duvet of choice for glampers. Only the warmest will do for chilly nights. A Kingsize ‘all seasons’ is the one to go for. It’s 3 duvets, in one: a 9 tog and a 4.5 tog which can be used individually or put together for a 13.5 tog.


Naturally, you will need at least 4 pillows. The plump luxury Hungarian pillows are stuffed with goose down and finished in luxurious Jacquard cotton are perfect for glamping.

Bed linen

The choice here is typically between 5-star hotel quality 1,000 thread count cotton, thick enough to stop a freight train (but trickier to iron!) or Mulberry silk for that bit of indulgence.

Throws and cushions

As any true glamper knows, it’s those little extras that make the difference between camping and true glamping. You will need at least 4 cushions and a couple of bedspreads. Quilted cotton bedspreads are great for warmth and the classic retro / vintage look.


Think of a topper as the icing on the cake. Layered on top of your mattress (or airbed) and beneath your sheets. For airbeds, it helps to keep the cold from the ground from penetrating your restful night. We like the ultimate goose down topper.


True glampers know that only a proper mattress will do. However, unless you are booking into a glamping business (find out more about that here) you will find this difficult to get to the campsite… no surprises there! If, however, you are DIY glamping then you will need a fantastic air bed and electric or battery-powered pump.


Create a romantic feel in the bedroom by draping muslin around your luxury bed.

Eye masks

Having trouble getting to sleep? A silk eye mask is just the ticket. We’ve also included a few more tips here.


For that unfortunate placing next to the loudest snorer on earth… you will need to ultimate earplugs!


This is quickly becoming the glamping essential on any budget. Make them yourself or from a store, as any bunting is sure to set the glamping mood and ensure a successful trip.


Not every glamping experience can have the benefit of a fully functioning bathroom, especially if you are doing it yourself, but there are things you can change to make the experience even better.


They must be thick enough to absorb bathroom puddles and shower steam, soft enough to rival pure silk and tough enough to cope with wet dogs and careless teenagers. Try an ultimate Supima and always in bath sheet size.

Kids towels

Bringing the kids? Make sure they look the part in a kids character towel.


DIY glamping is not a time to be skimping on luxurious toiletries. Indulge and make yourself feel special on your camping holiday.

What are you planning to take on your next DIY glamping trip?

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