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South Korea Offers Glamping At AroundFollie

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Glamping is an unforgettable vacation experience where travellers can enjoy the intimacy of living closely with nature without necessarily sacrificing comfortable amenities and this new offering at AroundFollie has got us very excited. While the term may be relatively new, its roots have been traced back to centuries where Ottoman sultans would lounge around in glamorous tents during their travels across the globe.

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Now adapted to more modern living situations, glamping can be found in different countries around the world including Singapore, Sweden, Chile, and Spain to name a few. In South Korea, this concept of glamping has elevated in a sense where modern luxury is not sacrificed when it comes to visiting the famous Jeju Island.

In a considerable amount of land situated near a defunct volcano, AroundFollie offers a wide range of amenities for visitors who wish to explore and relax in the island in style. As of 2019, AroundFollie offers the following accommodations which include:

  • Modern huts that are attractive and functional

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  • Restored airstreams

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  • A variety of camping sites for those who wish to bring their own tents

All of which are within proximity to a restaurant, a cafe, and various spaces that allow people to enjoy multiple events and features that aim to bring communities together.

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In the case of modern huts, each accommodation was designed to resemble modern pyramids which come in four different sizes, including:

  • Loft
  • Twin
  • Suite
  • Pool Villa

Each of which offers:

  • Brightly-lit rooms with minimalist interior designs that rival with most modern apartments

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  • A roof deck bathtub so clients can enjoy the breeze of fresh air when they need to take a dip.

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For airstreams, these are repurposed RVs that offers a more vintage and cosy relaxing atmosphere compared to luxurious modern pyramids. Nevertheless, these accommodations are also quite comfortable as they come with a variety of amenities including:

  • Well-designed interiors

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  • Comfy beds
  • A cosy bathtub that allows you to bathe with a wonderful view


If you are the type that enjoys being around nature then you would love glamping. If would like to meet other travellers a luxurious site then glamping at AroundFollie is definitely worth the trip. With so many Instagram-worthy sceneries, top-notch amenities, and accommodations that ensure you feel safe and relaxed, you’ll surely never want to go back to regular camping ever again.

Additionally, glamping is also a great investment for non-camping enthusiasts who may not be ready to give up their finer luxuries just yet but are tired of staying cooped up in a hotel room throughout the duration of their stay. If you are travelling with a family, your kids will surely love the wide spacious areas and the amazing barbecue restaurants and shops the grounds have to offer.

If you and your friends ever decide to visit Jeju Island sometime in the summer, then booking a hut at AroundFollie is just a click away. To learn more about Around Follie, by visiting their website.

With thanks to:

Glamping site: Around Follie
Photographer: Byung-GeunLee
Architects: Z-lab
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