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Glamping History: Stepping Back in Time, One Campsite at a Time

glamping history

Did you know that Glamping became one of the most popular travel trends only a couple of years ago? And its popularity continues to this day. But when you dig into glamping history you start to understand that this trend was inevitable. Just imagine all the aspects it entails – from the wild outdoors to the glamorous details – who wouldn’t go for it? But what if you could go back even further and travel back in time? We’re talking about a realm where the rustic intimacy of camping waltzes meet with the refinement of high-tea, and where the humble canvas embraces the rich velvet, and the star-dusted skies serve as a loyal guardian over opulent canopied beds. Embark on an adventurous rendezvous that’s not just a mere union, but a flamboyant celebration of two contrasting worlds – the unadorned rawness of glamping and the regal grandeur of the Victorian era.

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Sleeping in Style: The Tented Mansion

When envisioning the Victorian-era glamping tent, picture a majestic country manor, only in canvas form. The spaciousness typifying Victorian architecture is replicated in the tent, lending room for all the Victorian grandeur. The robust and waterproof tent canvas exterior withstands nature’s elements, providing unparalleled comfort under fluffy white clouds or twinkling stars.

Inside, the tent is a whirl of Victorian opulence. The charm lies in elegant details – intricate trimming on the tent flaps, vintage Victorian furnishings, and even a fireplace. The central focal point, a four-poster bed draped with rich, heavy fabric, promises warmth and coziness unheard of at traditional campsites.  Bringing delicate porcelain crockery and fresh roses into this blend creates a living space that could easily have stepped out of a Victorian postcard. Not forgetting a designated corner arranged for the perfect tea party adorned with embellished textiles and curiosities. Be it daytime when sunlight filters beautifully through the canvas, or at nighttime with the moon and stars for company, the ambience will make you feel like you’ve truly stepped back in time. This unique tent design is instrumental in transporting glampers to the Victorian era, making glamping not just an adventurous endeavor but a transcendental experience in depth and richness, which you’ll remember for years and years to come.

High-Tea Category Hike-Up

Another unique aspect of Victorian-inspired glamping is the upgrade of your usual camping meals. Instead of the traditional campfire-cooked sausages and beans, indulge in the extravagance of Victorian-style high tea. We’re talking a bevy of desserts that include Victorian classics like Victoria sponge cake, scones served with clotted cream and strawberry jam, and intricately iced fairy cakes. Varieties of shortbread and biscuits, brimming fruit tarts, macarons, and homemade lemon curd cakes, capture the era’s sweet tooth perfectly, complete with embroidered linens, bone china, and silverware. Elevating the dining experience while camping sums up the essence of glamping, breaking the mold and expectations of usual camping trips.

Dressing the Part and Playing the Role

To really get into the spirit of the Victorian era why not dress in period attire and participate in the activities of the era? Participation in themed activities and character playing elevates the camping experience by providing an immersive escape from the current reality. This opportunity to step into another era is undoubtedly one of the main draws of Victorian glamping throughout history.

Glamping History: Victorian Decor, Darling!

The beauty of glamping in a Victorian theme also lies in the ambience creation. Elegant chandeliers hang from trees, lace parasols dot the landscape, and tea tables are arranged among the mossy woods. Incorporating Victorian decor elements into glamping introduces a surreal, almost dream-like setting that enhances the overall experience. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for in an escape?

Glamping with a Victorian twist creates an unusual blend of natural elements and the sophistication of a bygone era, and when done right, it seamlessly meshes comfort and elegance as well as the element of surprise for an unforgettable adventure. So pack your parasols and embroidered linens, and get ready to dive back in time for your next great escape.

Happy Glamping history!

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