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Cool Tents: A Glamping Tent Wiki 2024

cool tents

One thing that glamping and cool camping have given us is a plentiful supply of cool tents so we have put together this glamping tent wiki to help you consider all the options.

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From adapted Mongolian Yurts to Lotus Bell Tents and Worm tents, you will find your only problem is trying to decide which glam camping tent to try out first.

So in this glamping tent wiki, we have pulled together a summary of cool camping tents available, with reasons why these products and other cool camping ideas and trends have become so popular as ‘must-have’ glamping accessories or ideal tents to pitch up and stay in during family vacations with a difference.

Cool Camping Tents…

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Safari Tents and Canvas Lodges

These are often the tents of choice for glamping businesses as they are relatively cheap tents, in relation to their potential income and the number of people who can comfortably camp in them in glamping luxury.

They also have healthy longevity, if the right supplier is chosen and the materials are of good quality. You can buy two-storey safari tents too, which makes them extra special if you have a lot of people you want to provide hospitality for.

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Safari tents were first pitched in Africa to give safari tour guests a safe place to live amongst nature when there were large wild animals prowling at night. They are particularly suited to hot and humid conditions as all the sides can be lifted giving a cool breeze and shade.

If you are a glamping business and would like more details about these tents read this article: Glamping Business Tents: Why not asking these questions could cost you thousands.

cool glamping safari tents

Mongolian Yurts and Gers

These glamping tents originated from Asia and have been around since at least the 13th Century. They are circular wood-framed tents with low roof lines that were able to withstand strong winds and have some kind of wood-burning stove to make sure everyone stayed snug in the cold temperatures. So if you’re wondering what is yurt camping exactly and why is it considered such a luxury today when in fact they were designed to support a more humble lifestyle, interestingly yurt holidays are often inspired by the history of the tent design itself and tend to keep things as unpretentious as possible.glamping business advice

Bell Tents

Bell tents and double bell tents have been around for centuries, and are still incredibly popular amongst the DIY glamping enthusiasts. They were first used by the military in America and Europe, particularly during the Crimean War in 1855. They have a central pole with canvas outer and now can be fitted with a wood-burning stove to really make them a glamping tent home from home.

Lotus Bell Tents

We love the Lotus bell Tent, which is a spin-off of the Bell Tent, another glam camping tent. It’s small enough for the regular camper but large enough for something a little bit special.

cool tents

Its unique shape really gets attention too. It has a number of uses, including DIY glamping, special party and festival events, yoga retreats, and garden retreats, to name a few, and in our opinion is the everyman glamping tent of choice.

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Dome Tents and Bubble Tents

We have included these in the same category as they are a similar shape and use a plastic outer instead of canvas. However, the structures of these tents are very different. Dome tents use a rigid metal structure, while bubble tents use air. They are both uniquely designed, which leads to an equally unique glamping experience under the stars.

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Pavilion Tents, Pergolas, Maharaja and Raj Tents

These tent designs come from India and tend to be elaborately hand-made and decorated to represent the affluence of the owner, with flowing silk and cotton fabrics. Historically the inhabitants of these tents were often powerful and noble. Today, they are used to make a fashion statement and often exhibit exquisite textiles.


Wigwam, Teepee, Gigwam and Tipi Camping

If you fancy exploring Wigwam holidays then you’ll be forgiven for getting a bit mixed up with the name of the tent. Is this a Wigwam, Teepee, Gigwam or Tipi?

These were first designed in the 1800s by American Indians to have a chimney-ventilated central seating and open fire area, making them warm, comfortable, sociable and easy to pack away, which suited their nomadic lifestyle. They were designed for dry climates so as to get a bit of water ingress through the open roof unless a special cap is fitted. However, if you are in a particularly wet climate you will probably need a Waterproof Tent instead.

Worm Tents

Originating from Korea, these glamping tents are as intriguing as their name. Their long design and curves allow for an interior that can be designed to fit all mod-cons, including double beds, a kitchenette and even a sheltered outside seating area. These cool tents have been designed to suit the fashion-conscious and camping enthusiasts alike.

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Trailer Tents And The Opera trailer

Considered to be a luxury glamping tent, even though it’s on wheels, this trailer is aimed at those campers who aren’t ready to settle for anything less than the good life. Including a teak veranda, electrically adjustable beds that can easily be transformed into one, a hot water boiler supplying the kitchen and shower, and hot air heating so you don’t have to wait until the summer to head off to the campsite, this is a merger of deluxe glamping tents and gadgets that won’t fail to get you excited.

cool trailer tents for glamping

Exclusive Luxury Tents

Today’s luxury holiday outdoors in cool tents is proving that life really can be better under canvas! In every design imaginable, these indulgent cool tents have been used by Richard Branson to make sure guests in his luxury resorts really have the glamping experience of a lifetime.

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What Are The Tents Of The Future? The Solar Powered Tent

The idea of this concept solar powered tent is that specially coated solar threads are woven into the conventional fabric so designers wouldn’t have to use fixed solar panels to harness the energy. It would also have three directional glides that can be moved throughout the day to maximise solar efficiency and energy collection. It’s a cool tent design that has got everyone excited… we’re just waiting for it to go into production.

cool tents the solar powered tent

So what’s your cool tent design of choice for a spot of glamping? Message us in the comments below if it’s one of these or another design we’ve missed.

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