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Best Free Camping Kicks!

Best Free Camping Kicks

We all get a kick out of camping but there are a few extra special magic moments that can give us a huge smile and a warm glow inside. So here are a few of our own best free camping moments.

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Watching The Sun Rise

We all watch the sunset regularly, but not all of us see it rise that often. This is why waking up with the sun is such a great thing to do. Everything is quiet and still, the early morning animals are out, the air smells amazing, the mist and early morning light gives everything a fresh morning glow and being part of that magic without having to rush anywhere is simply a meditation.

Building And Lighting A Campfire By Hand

Without using a lighter or matches build a campfire. Firstly, make sure you’re allowed to do it where you’re planning to. Then clear away the ground to the soil underneath, making sure it’s greater in size than the fire is going to be. This helps ensure it won’t spread further than it should. If you have a spade you can dig out a layer of turf in a square shape, ready to be slotted back again when the fire has gone out. It’ll be like you were never there.

Collect and place on the cleared ground a layer of dry sticks. This keeps the fire off the cold ground and helps make hot embers quickly. Then layer some dry tinder or anything that burns easily, then tiny thin sticks. Use a flint to work up sparks towards the tinder.

When it starts to smoulder blow carefully into the base of the fire to encourage a flame. Add more small dry sticks as the tinder burns more rapidly. Place thicker pieces of wood on top when the base of the fire has a layer of burning embers.

When the fire is fully established beat chest, grunt, and shout, “Me make fire… hear me roar!”

Night-Time Beach Running

Have you ever run along a sandy beach in the dark whatever the weather? If you haven’t then we can tell you wholeheartedly that it’s one of the biggest free kicks you can get. The adrenalin gets pumping as you race along the sand and it’s incredibly exhilarating… but beware of the incoming tide and random rocks that can get you soaking or trip you up!

Skinny Dipping And Wild Swimming

Find a secluded spot, unless you’re inclined the other way, and without planning it or thinking about it strip off to what mother nature gave you and say hello to the elements. It might be a stream, the sea, a lake or a river, but it’ll definitely be cold, invigorating, hilarious and totally amazing!

Foraging An Entire Meal While Camping

Make sure you are certain of what you’re picking and use a handbook to make absolutely sure. Always pick away from pollution, take only what you need and always cook with a huge smile and sense of satisfaction! We’ll be covering this subject in much more detail in future articles, so make sure you sign up for our free updates so you don’t miss out.

Playing In The Rain

Tips for perfect fun in the rain: Make sure you get really, really wet – run a lot – laugh loads!

Sleeping On A Beach

For perfect beach comfort, pay close attention to the weather as beaches can be chilly. It’s also best to camp on a clear night when the stars will inspire all kinds of interesting banter. Choose a beach carefully as a secluded, sheltered, soft sandy one is always the best.

Make sure you make your camp above the high tide mark or you’ll end up with a wet bed and very cold. It’s also a good idea to make your bed before the dewdrops and put a waterproof cover on the outside to keep it dry on the inside. And finally, make sure you have your best friend near and a bottle of your favourite tipple to toast the stars and make the night totally memorable. Sweet dreams!

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