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Camping: An Essential Guide

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What better way to reconnect with nature than to pitch up a tent in a scenic location and just get out there and explore the great outdoors? A lot of people have realised this, with camping holidays steadily increasing in popularity. Now they’re opting for this value-for-money option over traditional hotels and self-catering apartments.

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On a camping trip you can choose to change your location as often as you like and it’s exactly this sort of freedom that’s starting to appeal to travellers. You can also revel in the accomplishment of pitting your wits successful against the outside world. There are all kinds of tips and tricks to help you.

The Liberation Of Camping

Setting your tent up by a beach, in secluded rural areas or on idyllic little islands is one of the unbridled joys of camping. Of course you can’t just put up your tent anywhere you like, but you do have much more flexibility than available through the hotel option. For instance, many people have come to love the benefits of ‘wild camping’, which means getting off the beaten track to more remote areas, and in many places it won’t cost you a penny to set up your tent. The freedom of being constantly on the move is a major attraction for many. You can watch a sunrise from a deserted beach one day and head off to explore a nearby city or local point of interest the next.

All Mod Cons

If you’re under the impression that camping is a little too basic for your needs, you should check out the product advances for this type of holiday option. From high-quality, pop-up tents that you pitch in minutes to solar powered charging panels that will run your iPad, portable DVD player and even your lighting system — who’d have thought it? Rather than leave home comforts behind, you can browse the camping equipment at Tesco or similar retailers, which is reasonably priced, or visit specialist outdoor equipment retailers, and buy the equipment to meet your needs. The good news is that safe, reliable appliances, including kitchen equipment, aren’t too expensive to purchase. You won’t have to spend much money to get your basics in place.

The Affordable Option

Money is always a factor when booking hotel accommodation, especially when it comes to family holidays. However, designated camping areas with on-site facilities such as showers, restaurants and swimming pools are comparatively inexpensive. Setting up a tent in some of the UK’s beach beauty spots in locations such as Cornwall can cost less than £10 per night. The low costs also apply if you decide to take the leap and camp abroad, and you’ll find this a less expensive option than those beachfront hotels — you’ll also be a lot closer to the sands.

At some point or other, a camping trip will no doubt have crossed your mind and there’s nothing stopping you from making the move to this liberating activity. You’ll soon find that this isn’t just a once a year experience and after you’ve invested in your equipment you can choose to take off whenever you have the free time.

Credits: Image by amalakar, used under Creative Commons licence

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