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A Guide To Camping In Gozo

camping in gozo

The beautiful landscape of Gozo makes it one of the most ideal destinations to set up a camping tent. It’s also a great way to appreciate the natural beauty of the island while saving money on a more costly hotel stay.

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The best part is that there are literally tons of camping sites just waiting to be explored in Gozo, and they haven’t been officially regulated either, which means that you can move around from one camping spot to the next, and enjoy the scenery from different views without any restrictions.

If all this sounds like a great idea to you, then keep reading for a helpful guide on how to explore the great outdoors in Gozo!

Best Times to go Camping in Gozo!

The best time to go camping in Gozo is usually during the spring and autumn seasons, simply because that’s when the weather is at its most pleasant. Go during the summer and you’ll have the sweltering heat to deal with, whereas the winters are usually very windy, making it almost impossible to set up a camping tent on most days.

Gozo Campsites

Gozo has a lot of special camping sites to explore, especially along the north coast as you travel towards the beautiful Ghasri valley, also known by the locals as Wied il-Ghasri. The valley is flanked by towering cliffs and travels all the way to Ta’ Ġurdan Hill before it flows into the sea. Camping here means that you’ll have your own private bay to bath in during the morning, and it’s nice and secluded as well, which is great.

You can also camp at neighbouring Comino Island, which is practically uninhabited, making it even more secluded and private than Gozo. Plus, you’ll have Santa Marija bay close by to provide you with basic washing facilities.

Other well-known camping sites in Gozo include Dahlet Qorrot and Dwerja.

The Dwejra lines area is situated between Imtarfa and Binġemma and is a great place to camp if you want to enjoy unparalleled views of the countryside while the Mediterranean Sea beckons you below. Marsalforn is another stunning option, thanks to its rugged and almost mystical landscape, which is characterized by tall craggy cliffs in beautiful formations, with a backdrop of clear blue ocean water and a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere.

If you plan on going all-out to dabble in some wild camping while in Gozo, then you’ll have to apply for a permit from the local council, which is usually granted at a nominal fee of about EUR 30.

The Experience

Camping is great for couples and families alike. It’s a great way to not only connect with nature but to reconnect with your loved ones as well (even yourself!). In fact, nothing beats a few days or weeks in nature to relax and rest the mind, body and spirit.

Once you’ve arrived and set up your camping tent, you can start relaxing and enjoying the scenery all around you. Just be sure to find a nice and flat surface to set up your tent in, as putting it up in a sloping area can cause instability.

If you like, you can even bring your bicycles along and cycle your way through the surrounding area of your main camp.

Around 5 am, the birds usually start their morning song, which is, of course, a great way to wake up and summons you to come out and revel in the beauty of the sunrise. Afterwards, you can take a nice morning walk or hike to enjoy the crisp and fresh morning air, as well as the breathtaking views all around you. For more details on what’s required for camping in Gozo, visit

Extra Helpful Tips for Your Camping Trip

Arrive Early

If you plan on camping with your family in Gozo, the first thing you’ll want to do is book your camping grounds early, especially during the autumn, spring and summer seasons, as they tend to fill up quickly during those times.

You’ll most likely be driving there, so make sure to leave nice and early so that you can snap up the best camping spot around.

Bring Friends

Sure, camping with your kids is a great way to bond as a family, but after the first few days, it might be worth inviting another family or a few family friends to join you and keep things exciting.

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Be Prepared

As previously mentioned, some of the best camping spots in Gozo are incredibly isolated and secluded, which is great when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, but it can also be challenging if you don’t bring the right supplies with you. Here’s a comprehensive checklist list of what you need to bring when camping in Gozo, from the gear to the food and more:

  1. Tent with poles and stakes
  2. Ground cover
  3. Tarp
  4. Inflatable sleeping mattresses
  5. Sleeping bags
  6. Inflatable pillows
  7. Repair kit for the tent
  8. Blankets
  9. Camping chairs
  10. Torches
  11. Lanterns
  12. Small cooking stove and fuel
  13. Matches
  14. Firewood
  15. Cooking pan
  16. Pot
  17. Corkscrew
  18. Tablecloth
  19. Food storage containers
  20. Trash bags
  21. Ice
  22. Cooler
  23. Water bottles
  24. Dishware as well as eating and cooking utensils
  25. Foil
  26. Biodegradable soap
  27. Paper towels
  28. Dishcloth and sponge
  29. Clothes (including daytime clothes, sleepwear, swimwear and rainwear)
  30. Hiking shoes, water shoes and flip flops
  31. Toiletries
  32. First aid kit
  33. Insect repellant
  34. Sunscreen
  35. Campsite information and contact details
  36. Maps
  37. Camera
  38. Recreational toys and bikes

For a thorough camping equipment guide, see our ultimate camping checklist.

Camping In Gozo

Very few people realize that camping is actually quite a popular activity among the locals in Gozo, and all because it’s very relaxing and gives you a chance to breathe the fresh and healthy outdoor air. Children get a limitless playground where they can just run free, while adults can enjoy the rugged landscape and relaxing atmosphere. What’s not to love about that?

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