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How to Stay Comfortable and Warm Sleeping Outdoors

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Whether it’s camping, or backpacking, or any other similar activity for that matter, sleeping outside can be a tricky ordeal for some. And while many will say that it’s actually easy during the summer, that’s not always true. Staying comfortable and warm when you’re sleeping outdoors can often be more difficult than it seems and this is despite the season and type of campsite.

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That being said, you can actually make it a lot easier for you if you were to get yourself a few key pieces of gear. This will make things more comfortable, help you maintain your temperature, and will turn sleeping outside from a chore, into an activity you really enjoy.

Get a Good Sleeping Bag

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The absolute first thing you should be getting when you’re going to sleep outdoors is a good sleeping bag. There is a very good selection of quality and durable bags at affordable prices that you can buy and use. You can check out a great collection here and you’ll definitely find one that suits you, but let’s consider a few other things to think through carefully beforehand.

First and foremost, check the material and insulation. You’ll either get a down sleeping bag or a synthetic one. The down sleeping bags are considered a bit more premium because they’re lightweight, hold heat a lot better, and are easier to pack and carry. On the other hand, synthetic bags are cheaper and can be a lot better in terms of performance when it gets wet outside. It’s all up to the camping conditions in most situations, but overall, the down bags are better.

Then, you should consider the temperature rating of your sleeping bag. Most bags will either be three-season or winter bags. The three-season bags are made for regular weather, but if it gets cold outside, you’ll probably freeze during the night. A winter sleeping bag, on the other hand, retains temperature a lot better, but use one when it’s not winter, and you’ll be too hot for it to be comfortable.

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Supplement the Bag With a Sleeping Mat

A sleeping mat is a perfect addition to your sleeping bag. It’s not just about providing a more comfortable sleeping place, but it also adds an additional layer between your sleeping bag and the ground, which helps a lot with temperatures as much of the cold comes up from there during the night.

When you’re getting a sleeping mat, you should make sure it’s thick enough to add a bit of comfort, but not too thick so you won’t be able to carry it because it’s heavy and clunky. The sleeping bags are usually made from a foam-like material and are the same length as a sleeping bag. They are a bit wider, though, to provide you with a bit of room for movement, which is nice.

Grab a Good Tent

better sleep while campingThe tent is the second most important thing after a sleeping bag. This is because you can comfortably sleep in just a sleeping bag, no tent, but you can’t really sleep in a tent if you don’t have a sleeping bag – you’ll be cold, and far from comfortable.

A good tent will provide shelter from wind and cold temperatures. How much of a shelter it provides depends on the tent itself, but even the most lightweight tents are made from materials that shield you from winds and keep you inspired about camping. Heavier tents will also provide better thermal insulation, which is especially important during the winter months.

When you’re choosing a tent, one thing you should be careful about is the ease of setup. With tents, this ranges from ‘throw it at the ground and it sets itself up’, to you needing an hour just to put all the bits together. While in some situations, this might not be too important, sometimes you’ll find yourself tight on time, and having a tent that you can set up and disassemble quickly is a godsend.

Oh, and the other thing you should certainly consider is the size. Keep in mind that when you’re in a tent, you also need to put all your gear inside, and you’ll need a bit of spare room. The way to go is to get a tent that can fit one person more than the number of people that will be sleeping inside. This not only adds comfort but also ensures you have enough room for all your gear.

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Consider a Bag and Hammock

Another interesting proposition for the summer months is to grab yourself a warmer sleeping bag and a hammock, instead of a sleeping mat and tent. Of course, an insect net is an absolute must if you’re in the woods, but this can be a surprisingly neat way of sleeping outside while staying warm and comfortable.

A good hammock is an incredibly comfortable thing, and when you add a sleeping bag, you’re increasing the warmth and the comfort, too. It’s the best choice when you need to travel light and if you’re backpacking or camping in small numbers it’s a great way to keep things simple.

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