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What Kind Of A Camper Are You?

what kind of a camper are you?

Camping, for those who are particularly fond of this outdoor activity, is primarily a very satisfying act since it allows them to commune freely with nature as well as get away from the daily hustle and bustle for a few days at the least. Most campers can be recognized into what kind of a category they fall into through their style of camping.

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Family Camping

Family campers, these days, wish to provide their children with an outdoor experience which is coupled with basic amenities as well, so as to be sure not just of their safety but also of their comfort. Woolacombe Bay Park in Devon, England allows such parents to not just teach their children various outdoor skills but also helps them relax and rejuvenate as a couple by providing various facilities like sauna, heated swimming pools as well with an easy access to the Lundy beach and to various countryside walks.

Wild Camping

There are many who want a pocket-friendly getaway into the heart of nature and do not mind carrying that extra load of freeze-dried meals and a tent, camping into the mountains is the foremost choice. Dartmoor in England provides them with just the right kind of escape and it costs absolutely nothing.


Al-Fresco Camping

Camping outdoors does not always entail lugging tents around but can also entails inhabiting whatever space is available to get the most out of an outdoor experience. It could be a barn or a run-down shack that nobody is using or even a beach. Those who prefer this kind of camping, only have to carry the bare minimum that they require and can do away with the whole hassle of tents and poles.

Laid-back Sites

Camping for many is actually an escape from not just the routine of everyday living but also the rules that society puts on them. Which is why, if one does not want to be ordered around on where to pitch their tent or when to put the lights out, countryside Britain allows such campers an excellent  opportunity in the form of the Stonethwaite campsite in Borrowdale which is surrounded mountains and is at a stone’s throw away from the Blackmoss Pot.


Recent times have seen the rise of a new style of camping known as Glamping that involves camping in luxury. For those who are overtly fashion conscious, boutique camping trips are winning favors hands down and allow the glampers a 5-star experience along with soaking in the atmosphere of living out-of-doors.

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