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Short Breaks In Prague: The Perfect Travel Packages For Busy Families


There is no doubt that Prague is considered to be one of the most unique, attractive and unforgettable travel destinations within Europe, whether you fancy a hotel, bed and breakfast, camping or Glamping break. Short breaks to Prague are popular among holidaymakers who want to visit the finest attractions that the city boasts of even though they don’t have the luxury of time in their hands. This is one of the main benefits that Prague offers; time will not necessarily dictate the amount of enjoyment that a family can experience. So, what can you expect to witness during your visit and what are some of the main attractions?

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Main Attractions

Of course, one of the best ways to appreciate the numerous sights to be experienced is by perusing trustworthy online review portals. However, these can also be a bit overwhelming if you have only a limited amount of time for your intended visit. For many visitors, locations such as Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral and the Prague National Theatre are not to be missed. Not only are these absolutely stunning architectural masterpieces, but the very history of the city can be witnessed in their immortal designs.

Deep Historical Roots

If you enjoy a bit of history, Prague will certainly not disappoint. As this city can trace its roots back well over one thousand years, truly ancient examples of this diverse culture are found throughout its urban centre. A handful of the most striking are the Baroque Saint Nicholas Church, Pisek Gate and a portion of the existing city simply known as the “Old Town.”

Finding the Right Accommodation

Another aspect that has allowed Prague to be a particularly convenient city is that most of the major sights are found within (or nearby) the city centre. If you only have a negligible amount of time, it makes sense to find a centrally located hotel. You will be able to visit most of these attractions on foot in a fraction of the time that it would take if you reserved a hotel on the edge of the city.

Alternatively there are a great number of already-pitched Glamping options for you to choose from. Five star accommodation under the stars is growing in popularity in the area, resulting in a good variety of options for the campsite lover. Tipi’s, Safari tents and yurts are all now widely available to the savvy traveller who wants an experience but isn’t prepared to sacrifice their desire for quality accommodation.

So, even on a limited time frame, it is still possible to take part in numerous excursions and sight-seeing by planning your itinerary ahead of schedule… and beautiful Prague can provide memories that will not disappoint.

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