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Travel, Adventure And Glamping Camping Pods

glamping camping pods

If you have the bug for travel and your adventure bone needs flexing, how about choosing something a bit different… staying in glamping camping pods on the edge of a cliff in Peru.

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“That’s madness”, I hear you shout! But for the adventure lover and thrill seeker it could just be the right kind of tonic to shake off the monotony of everyday life and jump into a very unique experience,  a million miles away from ordinary and boring.

glamping camping pod

Unobstructed views and stargazing to die for, are what you get when you tackle the grueling journey 400 ft up to your own private glamping camping pod, made out of (thankfully) very strong clear polycarbonate and aluminium, which gives you the sensation of walking on air… or alternatively… just about to plummet out of the sky.

Glamping camping pods in Peru

The adventure continues when it’s time to go home, as a zipwire will take you down to the base of the mountain, where you will need to locate your stomach again to finish the final hike home.

Staying in the Skylodge Adventure Suites is really a vacation with a difference, but only for those with a strong disposition and a thirst for adventure.

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Picture Credits: Natura Vive

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