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5 Camping Upgrades You Need to Make For Your Next Trip

Roughing it in the great outdoors is one of the best experiences life has to offer, but it’s even better when you’re not really roughing it at all. In fact, we believe that glamping and camping in comfort is the best way to get the family outside and is easy if you refresh your kit with certain upgrades that will take your trip to the next level.

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Upgrading your camping gear is the best way to motivate yourself and others to get into the wild and break away from day-to-day life for the weekend. Here are some ideas for upgrades you can achieve with your gear to make the experience ten times better.

Your Energy

The whole purpose of camping is to get away from modern life, but face it, we still need power to keep us going and to make the experience more pleasant.

Whether you’re powering your devices, a TV, cooking equipment or lighting, investing in a solar power generator is the perfect way to save money on energy and power your camping trip in an efficient and sustainable way.

There are many advantages to having solar power connected to your tent and as the technology has improved significantly since it was first introduced, the overall price has come down too with many options becoming available to enthusiastic campers.

Your Tent

Naturally, your shelter plays a huge role in the comfort of your trip. Especially if you’re camping in the colder months, upgrading your tent can keep you warm, dry, safe and comfortable.

There are endless options on the market, from durable, comfy one-person tents and inflatable tents to luxurious 10-sleepers (that’s basically a mansion), and you’ll certainly find something of amazing quality and comfort to make your next trip super easy and comfortable.

Your Sleeping Gear

You can have the greatest tent in the world, but sleeping on the floor remains sleeping on the floor. Good quality sleep plays an important role in our health and if you aren’t well-rested, your trip is going to be a drag. If you want to avoid rocks in your back and waking up with stiffness in every corner of your body, consider getting a better quality sleeping solution.

From sleeping pads to full-blown mattresses, there are tonnes of different options for the avid camper to be able to get a good night’s rest.

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Your Backpack

Most of us don’t go camping just to hang out in the tent all day. We go to explore, hike and get out and about! However, exploring is tiring work and you’re always going to need a good amount of supplies to take with you on hikes and fishing trips.

Investing in a great quality backpack makes it easier to carry more items more efficiently, protect your gear and make the load easier and more comfortable on your back.

Be sure to opt for a backpack that suits your needs in terms of weight, size and types of protection.

Your Kitchen

We live to eat or eat to live. Whichever way round it goes, we shouldn’t have to sacrifice tasty and nutritional meals just because you’re away from your kitchen.

There are tonnes of options for cooking solutions when you’re camping. Portable grills, camp stoves, and a whole variety of equipment and utensils you take along with you. Purchase something that you know will work well for you and your family and don’t forget a high-performance cooler so you’re not eating canned beans for three days.

Have fun!

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