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5 Ways To Keep Your Outdoor Area Warm

Campfire keeping warm at the campsite

Keeping an outdoor area warm in the winter is a challenging task, especially if you don’t have the right equipment to help kickstart the warmth!

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If you are camping or glamping, keeping your tent warm and the surrounding area cosy can be achieved quite easily by creating a campfire, or using a stove burner, or tent heater. However, keeping yourself and others warm can be challenging if your glamping site does not allow for campfires, or if you’re back at home with an outdoor entertaining area.

5 Ways To Keep An Outdoor Area Warm

Let’s look at 5 nifty ways you can keep your outdoor entertaining area warm during chilly temperatures.

#1 – Propane Patio Heaters

As the name suggestions, patio heaters are powered by propane bottles and provide great heat output, while looking stylish, attractive and are ultimately self-contained. This has the added benefit that you won’t have messy cables running along the floor to power the unit.

For glamping or smaller entertaining areas, tabletop patio heaters are a good pick, as they are smaller, lighter and still provide great heat output. You can adjust the heat temperature and replace the bottle whenever it is empty.

In larger areas such as outdoor restaurants, patio, or backyard use, you may have come across freestanding patio heaters, which always liven up the environment! The best propane patio heaters produce up to 48,000 BTUs of heat and will generally warm an area of approximately 20-30 feet. This is perfect for chilly gatherings outside, with most models including numerous safety and adjustable heat features.

#2 – Outdoor Fireplace

These are generally more expensive but they can increase the value of your home or improve the occupancy of your glamping site as they look amazing and heat up surrounding areas really effectively. You can also use them in covered or more enclosed locations, whereas propane heaters are best used in open environments due to the carbon monoxide output.

For outdoor fireplaces, there is a bit more preparation required, as you’ll need to gather your own firewood and wait for the wood to burn before you start feeling warm. Smoke isn’t an issue either!

#3 – Wind Barricades

Installing wind-screens or windbreakers can be a great way of preventing the cold winds and snowfall from entering your perimeter. Even if the temperature isn’t freezing, strong winds can definitely send a chill down your spine, creating an uncomfortable evening for everyone.

Many glamping sites already have windbreakers, with tents also helping to redirect the direction of the wind.

Keeping warm outside

#4 – Fire Pits

Woodfire pits are similar to fireplaces or campfires; however, propane fire pits are hassle-free, portable and easy to use. You can also permanently install larger fire pits into outdoor entertaining areas.

Portable fire pits range from $50 – $300 and you can even use them during fire bans in most places. You won’t need to worry about smoke as they burn fake wood or lava rocks, and are usually weatherproof, and rather decorative.

#5 – Chimeneas

Chimeneas have been used for centuries! They have top guards that shield the fire from the rain and are more affordable compared to some of the other options listed above. They produce adequate heat for smaller areas and are attractive with some models made with aluminium or cast iron.

A wood (or self-made) firepit allows you to burn larger and stronger fires with a 360-degree view, but it also produces a lot of smoke. Chimeneas on the other hand have a small opening and are only viewed from one direction, with the smoke often escaping through the tunnelled chimney effect.

So what’s your favourite way of keeping warm outside while camping, glamping or simply hanging out with family and friends in the back yard? Leave your advice below and we will include it in future updates.

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